Taj Mahal Published on November 18, 2013

To most, the Taj Mahal is a beautiful piece of Persian and Indian architecture, with its gorgeous arches and clean, white marble. But what also makes it beautiful is its romantic history: a mausoleum built from 1632-1653 by Emperor Shah Jahan out of grief for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. A fine declaration that illustrates a story traditionally held as an inspiration for couples, everywhere.

When we visited the Taj Mahal, I was personally blown away by the amount of time it took to build the mausoleum—19 years—and all for his beloved wife. What also took my breath were the carvings and inlay work of the semi-precious stones scattered throughout the interior and exterior of the building. I could not believe that everything was done by hand. The design did so much in inspiring a lot of our own pieces!
Seeing the gorgeous building for the first time almost didn’t feel real.  And regardless of how many times I flip through pictures and remember the experience, it still doesn’t to this day! What a privilege.

Gemstone inlay on the exterior of the building.

Close-up shots of the beautiful detailing on the exterior, interior, and doors.