A Week of Thanks Published on November 27, 2013

These past few days, we’ve been blessed to hear from the girls at Freedom Firm about what they are thankful for. We gathered all their words of gratitude in a collection called 10 Days of Thanks. In doing so, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by the ways Freedom Firm's aftercare program is having lasting impact on so many lives.  Their thanks for life and freedom--everyday things we often take for granted--stand out so beautifully. In that, we sit here embracing their thanks by sharing their stories and inspiring the hearts of those that gracefully walk beside them.

What are you thankful for this season? What thought, word, or action brings life to you? Here at Matterial Fix, we are thankful for the opportunity to follow our dreams, and for the amazing people who have allowed us to play a part in helping change the lives of others. This Thanksgiving, we are humbly thankful for new beginnings and hope.

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