Peruvian Promise Published on July 08, 2014

Food is a universal language, and on the first night we met the girls of Peruvian Promise, we quickly found out that cooking is as well. One of the girls, Flor Nelida, is studying culinary arts at a local institute, so she naturally took the lead in preparing dinner that night.



Flor took us to a market where she decided what she wanted to make that night for everyone (all the Peruvian Promise girls and us!) When we made it back to the Peruvian Promise apartment to meet the rest of the girls, she made sous chefs out of all of us and we spent the rest of the night bonding over food and laughter. 

What we love most about Peruvian Promise (the Girls’ Leadership and Empowerment Program of Peruvian Hearts) is that sense of confidence they instill in the girls through education. The girls come from families who can’t afford to send them to post-secondary school and who haven’t been educated themselves. Peruvian Promise offers them educational opportunities as well as mentorships to prepare them for their chosen careers.


Peruvian Promise gives them the chance to change their futures. That night, we witnessed it happening, and we’re so excited that we get to play a part in that change.