Uncommon Landscapes Published on July 25, 2014

In Peru, the blue sky is so beautiful that we’d sometimes let time pass and simply stare at it, trying to take it in. Other times we’d set out to explore the local landmarks in the Sacred Valley, and would come upon the most striking and uncommon scenes. Our two favorites were the agricultural terraces of Moray and the “Salineras de Maras”.


The terraces at moray, a kind of natural green house, were once used to grow crops at an altitude they typically wouldn’t grow. This way, the crop that usually grew in the more tropical parts of Peru could be grown in the mountains. As food lovers, let us just say that we respect their taste for variety.


As for the salt mines, about 3,000 small pools roughly 5 square meters each, we thought we’d come across a random but massive patch of snow. Instead, we got the chance to watch the local workers fill pools with natural spring salt from the area and then, simply, add water. We were told that once the water evaporated, each pool would be filled with salt 4 inches in height, ready for tasting.


If we came away knowing anything about the Incans, it’s that they were undeniable innovators.