DIY Lace Candleholders Published on November 01, 2013

Photo via Style Me Pretty Blog 

With Halloween over, what’s a girl to do with those leftover candles? Prepare them for the next set of holiday festivities, of course! With Thanksgiving and Christmas slowly creeping, it’s time to refer to lace (a favorite design-element of ours in the India collection, as evidenced by our lace bangle and lace stacking rings)!

From this pretty white candleholder at Ikea, to these silver-laced darlings from World Market, our love for lace-inspired trinkets could not be more transparent. So this weekend, we thought we’d try this super easy DIY to recreate the look ourselves!

What we’ll need:

  1. Hot glue gun to secure the fabric
  2. Pretty lace from the fabric store (or an old shirt)
  3. Scissors to snip with
  4. Clear, cylindrical glass large (or small) enough to hold the candle. Try Mason jars for that shabby chic feel

Photos via Family Chic 

What to do:

  1. Take the candle holder and lay it down
  2. Wrap the lace around the holder using one of two options: cover the entire glass, or a portion of it for a luminescent vibe
  3. Once the lace is wrapped, place a strip of glue to secure the fabric onto the glass
  4. Cut off the excess fabric
  5. Place the candle inside

And there you have it! Glowing décor that will have your holiday guests mesmerized during a beautiful dinner party.

Check out our inspiration here! Style Me Pretty