Travel Log

Peruvian Promise July 08 2014

Food is a universal language, and on the first night we met the girls of Peruvian Promise, we quickly found out that cooking is as well.


Elevation March 21 2014

One thing I love about traveling is the sense of adventure I get from getting outside my day-to-day life and challenging my comfort zone.

That’s what happened when I (terribly prone to carsickness) decided to get into a taxi in Peru’s Sacred Valley to drive up a mountain road that seemed to wind endlessly and way too close for comfort to the cliff’s edge.X


Peru: Behind The Scenes March 14 2014

Inspired by our recent spotlight on, our own marketing team asked me to sit down with them for a quick question and answer session about our newest collection, Peru, and our responsibility to empower dreams and imagination in others. 


Love Thy Neighbor February 14 2014

It's true that in its purest form, love is more easily experienced than defined. Since it's Valentine’s Day, we wanted to post about a couple of organizations we've really fallen hard for, and also share how they've helped us embrace the meaning of love through the empowerment of girls.


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