Freedom Firm

Impact: The jewelry you purchase gives 10% back to help fund rescue missions and support aftercare programs that restore dignity to the lives of girls.

Freedom Firm:
Freedom Firm is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate child prostitution in India. They rescue young girls from brothels, provide effective rehabilitation, and assist with the prosecution of sex trafficking offenders.

Freedom Firm Rescue:
Currently, there are an estimated 500,000 young girls in forced prostitution in India. These girls, at the average age of 12, are tricked by false promises of a good job or sold by a relative into a brothel, where the chance of escape is unlikely. Freedom Firm works with local police to investigate brothels and raid those exploiting minors. Rescued girls are then placed in Freedom Firm’s Aftercare Program.

Aftercare Programs:
Freedom Firm’s Aftercare Program includes a team of social workers who care for each girl they rescue, guiding them away from the life of prostitution. The social workers provide ongoing counseling and facilitate medical care, education, and training programs. As a part of the restoration process, the girls are given life skills and taught to make beaded jewelry for Ruhamah Designs.  This gives them the opportunity to make a living, restore their dignity, and gain independence.

Jaya’s Story:
Jaya was abandoned shortly after her birth, then adopted by an older woman who raised her.  The woman was kind to Jaya, but her sons were cruel and often beat her.  When she was only fourteen, she ran away, and when a young man noticed that she was alone, he promised to help her by giving her a place to live.  As soon as he had gained Jaya’s trust, he sold her to an elderly lady who then sold her to a brothel.

Today in India, many girls suffer this same fate of abuse and forced prostitution. Because of the work of Freedom Firm, however, many are being given a second chance. After 4 years in a brothel, Jaya was rescued and given the chance to change her life. Now, she is making jewelry for Ruhamah Designs.  She feeds and rides horses weekly and has the opportunity to learn English, Math and Hindi for the first time in her life.  Jaya’s life is in the process of transformation. 

To learn more about Freedom Firm, visit their website.


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