Elephants Published on January 24, 2014

It’s no secret how much love we’ve got for elephants. From our block printing experience to the beautiful statues we came across during our trip in India, the elephant became a symbol that inspired our Elephant Pendant!

Highly regarded for their royalty, inner strength, and nobility, the stately animal is revered by many as the “power animal” of choice, but they also have a gentler nature. Full of intelligence, loyalty, and compassion, elephants are often teachers of gentleness and commitment. 

Of all these characteristics, we’ve pinpointed our favorite thing about them: young elephants are born into a community of love, and are dependent on their mothers until adulthood. When an elephant becomes a new mother, elder elephants support her and teach her to be nurturing and affectionate. When an elephant passes away, its family is known to grieve and shed tears.

That's love. That's community. That's what we call beauty on the outside AND beauty on the inside.