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Pandora Disney Lilo and Stitch Charms

Lilo and Stitch Charms 2023

Say aloha to family, friendship, and fabulous style with this collection of Pandora Disney Lilo and Stitch Charms. Styled after the title characters from Disney’s beloved animated feature Lilo & Stitch, these Pandora Lilo Charms embrace the high-spirited fun of the film, as well as the colorful, easy-going aesthetics of its Hawaiian island setting. The Disney Lilo Charm finds Stitch at his cutest, with his trademark alien ears and koala-like body. Meanwhile, the Disney Lilo and Stitch Charm unites the title characters in bright, splashy colors, and the Disney Lilo & Stitch Family Dangle Charm embodies the meaning of ohana. You can even celebrate Christmas in paradise with the Disney Stitch Christmas Charm, which finds our beloved alien-hero in a festive mood surrounded by presents galore. Each Stitch Pandora Charm features eye-catching details like hand-applied enamel, sentimental engravings, and clever openwork designs that will please Disney fans of all ages. Whichever you choose, all of these Lilo and Stitch Pandora Charms are sure to make your friends and family exclaim mahalo!

disney lilo charm

Disney Lilo Charm

Add a little quirky cuteness to your wardrobe with this Disney Lilo Charm by Pandora. Based on the Disney film Lilo & Stitch, this sterling silver charm depicts the title character with a slightly oversized head that makes him extra adorable. His inquisitive ears are detailed in soft purple enamel, ensuring this extraterrestrial rapscallion can make a home in any fan’s charm collection.

Disney Lilo and Stitch Charm

Celebrate your family’s uniqueness with this Disney Lilo and Stitch Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this bead-style charm depicts both Lilo and Stitch in red, purple, and blue enamel. Additionally emblazoned with the word “ohana,” this charm is the perfect reminder that ohana means family, and that families are sometimes created by choice rather than by birth.

disney lilo and stitch family dangle charm

Disney Lilo & Stitch Family Dangle Charm

Find paradise in this Disney Lilo & Stitch Family Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm is composed of two discs that create a scene of true friendship in the tropics, with an engraving of “Family means no one gets left behind” on the reverse. Lilo’s red dress and Stitch’s purple ears create a striking contrast with the sea-blue backdrop, making this charm the perfect way to embrace island vibes, even on the mainland!

disney stitch christmas charm

Disney Stitch Christmas Charm

Put an otherworldly spin on the holidays with this Disney Stitch Christmas Charm by Pandora. With big, black enamel eyes and a cheerful red enamel Santa hat, Stitch is ready to deliver presents to all his friends and family. Wear this festive little alien as a reminder of the spirit of giving.