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Pandora Cat Charms

Cat Charms 2023

The truest cat lovers know that no feeling compares to snuggling on the couch with a softly purring kitty in your lap. Why not show how much you adore your special feline with one of these Pandora Cat Charms? Get playful with the cheerful Kitty Cat Charm, or take a walk down memory lane with either of the nostalgic Disney charms (the Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Charm and the Aristocats Marie Charm). Feeling like your wardrobe could use a little East Asian inspiration? Try the Cute Fortune Cat Charm or the Lucky Cat Charm for a boost of good fortune and fashion. You can even memorialize a beloved kitty with the I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm, which serves as a touching reminder of the way pets live on in our hearts. These Pandora Pet Charms are crafted from sterling silver and 18k gold plating, and each piece of Pandora cat jewelry features sweet touches like hand-applied enamel, glittering cubic zirconia, and sentimental messages. It’s looking like the best time to select the perfect Pandora Kitty Charm is right meow.

kitty cat charm

Kitty Cat Charm

Achieve your goal of style purr-fection with this adorable Kitty Cat Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm depicts a cute and chubby kitty with hand-applied, black enamel details that include perky ears and frisky whiskers. It’s a meow-velous finishing touch to any outfit!

sweet cat dangle charm

Sweet Cat Dangle Charm

Most house cats don’t like to travel, so take this Sweet Cat Dangle Charm by Pandora wherever you roam. This sterling silver, dangle-style charm features hand-applied, black enamel facial details and a fish-shaped tag and collar. Keep your kitties close to your heart, even when they prefer to lounge around the house!

disney alice in wonderland cheshire cat charm

Disney Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Charm

Take a trip through the looking glass with this Disney Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Charm by Pandora. Featuring the Cheshire Cat’s famous, mischievous grin on an oversized head, this sterling silver charm also catches the eye with bright pink and purple, hand-applied enamel. It’s the perfect gift for an imaginative friend who adores fairy tales and adventure.

i love my pet paw print heart charm

I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm

Flaunt your “Fur Mom” pride with this I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, heart-shaped charm includes a second heart as part of the shimmering, cubic zirconia paw print design on the front. It’s the perfect combination of sparkly and sentimental.

my pet cat dangle charm

My Pet Cat Dangle Charm

Who cuddles better than your favorite kitty? This My Pet Cat Dangle charm by Pandora features a unique, dual-dangle design that merges the silhouette of a cat with the message “My Best Friend,” all against a backdrop of shimmering enamel. Two paw print stamps on each side of the bail finish off the piece, creating a charm that fully represents how much you adore your cat.

disney the aristocats marie charm

Disney The Aristocats Marie Charm

Nostalgia is just one tiny kitten away thanks to this Disney The Aristocats Marie Charm by Pandora. Depicting everyone’s favorite ladylike cat, Marie, this sterling silver charm captures her sass and savvy with black enamel eyes, pink enamel bows, and long eyelashes. Why should you treat yourself to this charm? Well, as Marie always says, because you’re a lady! That’s why!

cute fortune cat charm

Cute Fortune Cat Charm

It’s time to get lucky and buy this Cute Fortune Cat Charm by Pandora. This 18k gold-plated cat charm symbolizes good fortune in Japanese and Chinese culture and even includes the Chinese character for “Fortune” in black, hand-applied enamel. Other details include red enamel on the kitty’s face, paws, and collar, as well as a playful pose and expression. Don’t you deserve a chance to swing the odds of success in your favor?

lucky cat charm

Lucky Cat Charm

Don’t leave your next outfit to chance. Instead, wear this Lucky Cat Charm by Pandora for a boost of splendid luck and style. This rotund, sterling silver kitty symbolizes prosperity and opportunity in Japanese and Chinese culture and features a pink enamel, heart-shaped tag on its collar. Wear it alone or with other cat charms for a dose of good fur-tune.