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Pandora Elephant Charms

Elephant Charms 2023

Make a stylish splash with one of these adorable Pandora Elephant Charms. Crafted from fine sterling silver, each of these charms depicts a sweet baby elephant that’s off-the-charts cute. Some charms, like the Elephant Dangle Charm and the Elephant & Pink Balloon Dangle Charm are perfect gifts for new moms and moms-to-be. Meanwhile, the Lucky Elephant Charm serves as an elegant token of good fortune. Disney lovers will delight in both the Dumbo Dangle Charm and the Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo Charm, which captures the little hero’s shy demeanor alongside his mother’s protectiveness. Last but certainly not least, the Ellie the Elephant Charm offers a playful take on the majestic animal that will fit nicely with a menagerie of other animal charms. Each piece of Pandora Elephant Jewelry features delicate details like hand-applied enamel, sparkling gemstones and cubic zirconia, and sentimental engravings. Whether you’re looking for luck, love, or a little laughter, these elephant charms are sure to deliver in spades!

lucky elephant charm

Lucky Elephant Charm

Manifest your own good fortune with this Lucky Elephant Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm depicts a happy elephant in a seated position, with vividly detailed eyes, ears, and feet. In many cultures, his raised trunk is said to be a mark of extra good luck, making him a worthy addition to any charm collection.

dumbo dangle charm

Dumbo Dangle Charm

Find inspiration from the little elephant who learned to believe in himself with this Dumbo Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver dangle charm captures the Disney hero’s shy curiosity with a sense of wonder and openness. With large, flapping ears and soft blue gemstone-eyes, this Dumbo charm is a sweet addition to any jewelry collection.

elephant dangle charm

Elephant Dangle Charm

Nurture your inner fashion sense with this Elephant Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm features a playful baby elephant hanging by his trunk from a bamboo-inspired bail. It’s the perfect complement to other animal charms and also blends seamlessly with African, Asian, and earthy styles.

elephant and pink balloon dangle charm

Elephant & Pink Balloon Dangle Charm

Spark your next adventure with this Elephant & Pink Balloon Dangle Charm by Pandora. This delightful dangle charm depicts a sweet little sterling silver elephant carried aloft by a pink enamel balloon. A heart-shaped, blue gemstone finishes the piece with a feeling of love and whimsy, making this the perfect gift for new moms or anyone else who has recently opened a new chapter in the book of life.

ellie the elephant charm

Ellie the Elephant Charm

Find a new friend in this Ellie the Elephant Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm portrays Ellie’s inquisitive joyfulness with long eyelashes, a raised trunk, and wide ears. They say an elephant never forgets, and Ellie is certainly an unforgettable addition to any charm bracelet or necklace.

dumbo and mrs jumbo charm

Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo Charm

Celebrate the tender bond between mother and child with this Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo Charm by Pandora. Featuring Disney’s Dumbo nestled against his protective mother, this sterling silver charm features splashes of hand-applied enamel in pastel pink, blue and yellow. With an engraving of “My precious love” on the reverse and heart cut-outs on the sides, this charm makes for a touching Mother’s Day or baby shower gift.