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Pandora Baby Charms

Baby Charms 2023

The birth of a new baby can feel like the future itself has arrived. Celebrate this time of wonder and change with a selection from this collection of Pandora Baby Charms. These delicate charms embrace everything that makes a newborn special, from their bottles and toys all the way down to their tiny toes. You can announce an upcoming birth with the Baby Bottle and Shoes Dangle Charm, or encourage a new mom to enjoy a little “me-time” with the Perfect Mom Dangle Charm. This collection also includes Pandora Baby Boy Charms (the Little Boy Charm and the Baby Boy Handprint Charm), as well as Pandora Baby Girl Charms (the Little Girl Charm and the Baby Girl Handprint Charm). Not sure what gender the new bundle of joy will be? The Baby Teddy Bear Dangle Charm blends classic sterling silver and sweet nursery motifs, making it an impeccable baby shower gift for new moms. Primarily crafted from sterling silver, these charms also feature touches of rose and yellow gold, sparkling cubic zirconia, and hand-painted enamel. They grow up all too fast, so why not capture some of the magic with a Pandora New Baby Charm, a Pandora Baby Girl Charm, or a Pandora Baby Boy Charm?

baby bottle and shoes dangle charm

Baby Bottle and Shoes Dangle Charm

The arrival of a new baby changes a mother’s life in an instant. Celebrate such an exciting moment with this Baby Bottle and Shoes Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm features a dangling trio of delights: a pair of booties, a bottle, and a heart imprinted two teeny-weensy footprints. Sparkling white enamel and cubic zirconia elevate this charm with a combination of style and sentiment that’s fit to recognize the beginning of any motherhood journey.

little girl charm

Little Girl Charm

Girls have a habit of growing up, so capture the joy of youth with this Little GIrl Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm depicts a happy, smiling girl with buoyant pigtails and a sweet disposition. She hugs a teddy bear who in turn holds a pink enamel heart, making this charm the perfect homage to your favorite little girl, even once she’s long since grown up!

little boy charm

Little Boy Charm

This Little Boy Charm by Pandora proves that the girls don’t have a monopoly on sweet dispositions. Wearing a hand-painted enamel propeller cap in a soft pastel palette, this cherubic little boy is ready for a day of play and hugs. You can also pair him with the Little Girl Charm to represent the special bond between brothers and sisters.

baby pram charm

Baby Pram Charm

They say time flies after the birth of a new baby, so capture those precious moments of joy and growth with this Baby Pram Charm by Pandora. Depicting a delicately detailed, old-fashioned baby carriage, this charm also features two eye-catching, heart-shaped gemstones. It’s the perfect way to add a little elegance to a busy mom’s new routine.

stork and twinkling dangle charm

Stork and Twinkling Dangle Charm

Announce the arrival of a bouncing bundle of joy with this Stork and Twinkling Dangle Charm by Pandora. This gorgeous dual-dangle charm sets the scene with a starry, hand-painted enamel sky and a cubic zirconia-encrusted moon, all of which encircle a stork making his most important delivery. With an engraving that reads “Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?” on the reverse, there may be no sweeter way to herald the birth of a new baby.

baby teddy bear dangle charm

Baby Teddy Bear Dangle Charm

The search for the ideal baby shower gift is over thanks to this Baby Teddy Bear Dangle Charm by Pandora. With a little bit of glamour and bunches of cuteness, this dangle charm features a pacifier, a teddy bear, and a hand-painted, silver enamel heart. Glittery cubic zirconia on the bail transform this charm into a positively perfect piece of jewelry for the most fabulous new mom you know.

Baby Boy Handprint Charm

It’s a boy! Shout the arrival of your new baby from the rooftops with this Baby Boy Handprint Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, heart-shaped charm captures the joy of birth with a child’s handprint alongside a soft blue cubic zirconia. Wear it as a keepsake of the little boy who is a living, breathing piece of your heart.

Baby Girl Handprint Charm

It’s a girl! Let everyone know how proud you are of your new little bundle with this Baby Girl Handprint Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, heart-shaped charm captures the excitement of a new baby with a child’s handprint alongside a pretty pink cubic zirconia. It perfectly symbolizes the little girl who has found a new home in the world, as well as in your heart.

baby shoe dangle charm

Baby Shoe Dangle Charm

Whether you’re seeking to celebrate a new mom or a mother who has already watched her children grow and thrive, this Baby Shoe Dangle Charm by Pandora speaks to the special relationship between mother and child. This two-tone, shoe-shaped charm is crafted from sterling silver and embellished with 14k gold laces and subtle stitching details. Shoe sizes might change, but a mother’s love is forever.

mother and baby owl

Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm

Take shelter in a mother’s warm embrace with this Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm by Pandora. Two sleepy, sterling silver owls snuggle close on this bead-style charm, which mesmerizes with feathery details and wide eyes. Wear it to show that stormy weather is no match for a mother’s protective love.

perfect family dangle charm

Perfect Family Dangle Charm

Carry the love of your family with you wherever you go with this Perfect Family Dangle Charm by Pandora. This two-tone dangle charm mixes both classic sterling silver and trendy rose gold for a playful, contrasting effect. This versatile charm can add a dose of jangly fun to any ensemble.

perfect mom dangle charm

Perfect Mom Dangle Charm

Spell out just how much you appreciate the work that goes into being a mom with this Perfect Mom Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring the dangling letters “M-O-M” in elegant sterling silver, this charm is both heartfelt and feminine thanks to violet and pale pink cubic zirconia accents. It’s finally time for moms to get as good as they give!