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Pandora Purple Charms

Purple Charms 2023

Royalty, creativity, the subconscious: few hues hold quite so many meanings as the color purple. This collection of Pandora Purple Charms offers several interpretations of this multifaceted color, from bold (the Metallic Purple Heart Charm) to dainty (Openwork Purple Daisy Charm) to otherworldly (Glittering Infinity Hearts & Stars Dangle Charm). The Purple Daisy Dangle Charm and the Purple Daisy Charm embrace an enticing, natural aesthetic, while the Royal Purple Radiant Hearts Charm makes an impression fit for royalty. Looking for the perfect Pandora purple heart charm? Then look no further than the Royal Purple Pavé Tilted Heart Dangle Charm and its combination of asymmetric and chic rose gold. Meanwhile, those with an eye toward life’s spiritual side will appreciate the My Hamsa Hand Mini Dangle Charm and My Eye Mini Dangle Charm, which reinterpret ancient symbols for a new era with sleek craftsmanship and minimalist designs. Each piece of Pandora purple jewelry features eye-catching details like hand-painted enamel, glimmering cubic zirconia, and delicate micro-beading. Violet and lavender, amethyst and indigo– there’s a perfectly hued purple Pandora charm for everyone (and every outfit)!

metallic purple heart charm

Metallic Purple Heart Charm

Listen to your heart and find your way to this Metallic Purple Heart Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm has been hand-painted with transparent purple enamel that creates a unique, dazzling finish. It’s the perfect way to add a dramatic pop of color to any outfit.

openwork purple daisy charm

Openwork Purple Daisy Charm

Put a spring in your step with this Openwork Purple Daisy Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver in an intricate openwork design, this charm features petite daisies hand-painted with lavender and pink enamel. Whimsical ladybird and bee details finish this charm’s summery look.

Glittering Infinity Hearts & Stars Dangle Charm

Celebrate love’s strength and transcendence with this Glittering Infinity Hearts & Stars Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring pink, purple, and white cubic zirconia alongside fine sterling silver, this dangle charm additionally boasts cosmic purple enamel and an engraving of “I love you to infinity & beyond.” Give it to the one for whom your love knows no bounds.

purple daisy dangle charm

Purple Daisy Dangle Charm

Periwinkle perfection awaits in this Purple Daisy Dangle Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, each petal of this daisy charm is hand-painted with shades of lavender, purple, and white enamel. Micro-beading and a cubic zirconia in the flower’s center make this dangle charm a pretty centerpiece for any bracelet.

purple daisy charm

Purple Daisy Charm

Find inspiration for the next phase of your life in this Purple Daisy Charm by Pandora. Long seen as a symbol of innocence and new beginnings, this daisy gets a touch of majesty from hand-applied purple and lavender enamel. Pair it with other Pandora flower charms and create your very own everlasting bouquet.

february purple beaded heart dangle charm

February Purple Beaded Heart Dangle Charm

Journey to the lavender fields of Provence with this February Purple Beaded Heart Dangle Charm by Pandora– without even leaving home! With a clever beaded design and a violet crystal in its center, this sterling silver charm boasts all the romance of the French countryside in one small package. Wear it and bid adieu to boring style.

purple and lavender butterfly charm

Purple Butterfly Charm

Add an ethereal touch to your next outfit with this Purple Butterfly Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm glimmers with pavé-set crystals in shades ranging from lilac to violet across the butterfly’s delicate wings. There’s no time like the present for a fashion metamorphosis!

royal purple radiant hearts charm

Royal Purple Radiant Hearts Charm

Adorn yourself like the queen that you are with this Royal Purple Radiant Hearts Charm by Pandora. With a deep purple crystal surrounded by glimmering cubic zirconia, this vintage-inspired, sterling silver charm captures the glamour of a bygone era. Pair it with your favorite little black dress and get ready for a show-stopping night on the town!

purple round solitaire clip charm

Purple Round Solitaire Clip Charm

Transform simplicity into a statement with this Purple Round Solitaire Clip Charm by Pandora. Sleek sterling silver and a deep purple crystal combine to make this charm both striking and versatile. This clip charm also elegantly combines function and style and can be used to balance and organize your favorite charm bracelet.

royal purple pave tilted heart dangle charm

Royal Purple Pavé Tilted Heart Dangle Charm

Be stunning from every angle with this Royal Purple Pavé Tilted Heart Dangle Charm by Pandora. Finished in Pandora Pandora Rose™, a unique metal blend plated with 14k gold, this charm showcases lilac-hued stones in an array of sizes. Sometimes the best way to balance an outfit is with a little asymmetric fun!

regal beauty charm

Regal Beauty Charm

Find enchantment with this Regal Beauty Charm by Pandora. Inspired by the romance of fairy tales, this sterling silver charm features a vine-like openwork design and a positively mesmerizing splash of purple enamel.

my hamsa hand micro dangle charm

My Hamsa Hand Mini Dangle Charm

Keep one eye on the future with this My Hamsa Hand Mini Dangle Charm by Pandora. Part of the petite and pretty Pandora Me collection, this minimalist charm symbolizes good fortune and protection and can see you through times both difficult and triumphant.

my eye mini dangle charm

My Eye Mini Dangle Charm

Embrace your intuition with this My Eye Mini Dangle Charm by Pandora. This meaningful charm, which is part of the streamlined Pandora Me collection, features a wide-eyed design surrounding a mystical purple stone. Wear it as a reminder to look inward even as you observe the world around you.