Pandora Charms Collections

Charms Collections 2021

Valentines Charms 2021

Elegant Jewelry and Charms for Your Special Valentine – Shiny Bling for Your Sweet Thing.

Disney Charms

Give that special someone your love with the love that Mickey and Minnie Mouse have for each other.

Mother's Day Charms 2021

Shower your mother with beautiful jewelry that she deserves this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Wife Charms 2021

Show your special wife just how much you appreciate her with a stunning charm from this collection.

Mother's Day from Daughter Charms 2021

Make this Mother’s Day a special one for the woman who means the world to her daughter.

Mother's Day from Son Charms 2021

Your Mother raised you and looked after you, now it’s time to look after her. Give her a beautiful Mother’s Day son charm to show your love.

Sisters Charms

Show your Sister just how much she means to you with a beautiful Pandora Sister Charm.

Graduation Charms

Fine beautiful keepsake charms for your graduate. Show them how proud you are of all their hard work!

Rose Gold Charms

Stunning Rose Gold Charms that will shine bright with any ensemble you wear. 

Rose Gold Heart Charms

Show off with a beautiful Rose Gold Heard Charm, elegant and sophisticated.

Letter Charms

Sleek Letter Charms for every letter of the alphabet (plus the ubiquitous hashtag symbol).

Christmas Charms Collections

Featuring a collections of Pandora Christmas charms including Disney Characters, Snowflakes, Reindeer, and of course Santa.

Halloween Charms

Celebrate the spooky but fun holiday with a Boo-Tiful Pandora Halloween Charm.

14K Gold Charms

Upgrade your style with with a piece from this gorgeous collection.

Butterfly Charms

Let your heart flutter with a stylish and lavish butterfly charm.

Dog Charms

Show how much you adore your special pup with one of these delightful Dog Charms.

Cat Charms

Adore your special feline with a purrfect Cat Charm right meow.

Elephant Charms

Get some luck, love, or a little laughter with one of these elephant charms.

Owl Charms

Capture the magic of the wise owl with a cute Owl Charm.

Baby Charms

Celebrate the wonderful birth of a baby with an adorable Baby Charm.

Harry Potter Charms

Show off the magical wizarding world with a mystical Harry Potter Charm or Pendant.

Heart Charms

Express your the love deep in your heart with a classic, contemporary, or lavish Heart Charm.

Pink Heart Charms

Put a song in your heart with these Pink Heart Charms.

Red Heart Charms

Get ready for a new style adventure with this fiercely fabulous collection of Red Heart Charms.

Bear Charms

Update your jewelry collection with a sweet piece from this collection of Bear Charms.

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