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Pandora Snowflake Charms

Snowflake Charms 2023

Turn any ordinary day into a spectacular snow day with this collection of Snowflake Charms by Pandora! Each charm offers an interpretation of the classic snowflake motif, like the Winter Kiss Snowflake Dangle Charm, which elevates the paper cut-outs of our grade school years with sprinkling of elegant cubic zirconia. Meanwhile, the Sparkling Snowflake Circle Dangle Charm and the Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm reimagine their crystalline designs with a floral flair. And the Snow Flurry Charm invites the wearer to think abstractly, combining the geometric structure of snowflakes with stunning, light-shifting gemstones. Crafted from fine sterling silver or chic rose gold, each Pandora Snowflake Charm also features dazzling details like glimmering cubic zirconia, breath-taking crystals, and sleek openwork designs. With such a wide array of styles, you’re sure to find a piece complementary to even the most unique sense of fashion. Thanks to these Pandora Snowflake Charms, even frightful weather can’t stop your winter wardrobe from being delightful.

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winter kiss snowflake charm

Winter Kiss Snowflake Dangle Charm

Flaunt your unique sense of style with this Winter Kiss Snowflake Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring a beaded bail and eye-catching symmetry, this sterling silver charm elevates its classic snowflake design with dozens of sparkling cubic zirconia. It’s a perfectly refined complement to any winter wardrobe.

blue dazzling snowflake charm

Blue Dazzling Snowflake Charm

Revel in the enchantment of winter evenings with this Blue Dazzling Snowflake Charm by Pandora. Evoking the appearance of a frozen lake in the depths of winter, this sterling silver charm features a snowflake cut-out beneath its midnight-blue crystal. An icy, cubic zirconia snowflake completes the effect with contrast and elegance. Complement your deep blue eyes with the stunning Pandora blue snowflake charm.

shimmering snowflake dangle charm

Shimmering Snowflake Dangle Charm

Capture a piece of winter’s wonder with this Shimmering Snowflake Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring shimmery details on the bail, this sterling silver charm captivates with an ice-blue palette of crystals and cubic zirconia across its classic snowflake design. Seasons change, but this charm’s exquisite beauty will always remain.

Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm

Embrace the crystalline magic of sudden snow flurries this Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm by Pandora. Available in both sterling silver and rose gold, this charm captures the icy essence of a snowflake with pear-shaped crystals and a dusting of white cubic zirconia. Heart-shaped cut-outs around the sides convey your love for the season of snow-bound days and crisp, frosty evenings. Which beauty will you pick? The Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Rose Gold Charm or the Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm, or just get both.

snow flurry charm

Snow Flurry Charm

Whoever said you can’t feel glamorous in bulky winter sweaters and scarves never laid eyes on this Snow Flurry Charm by Pandora. Stylized after the geometric crystals that compose each tiny, unique snowflake, this cubic zirconia-covered, sterling silver charm is part winter fashion accessory, part abstract art piece.

sparkling snowflake circle dangle charm

Sparkling Snowflake Circle Dangle Charm

Live out all your après ski dreams with this Sparkling Snowflake Circle Dangle Charm by Pandora. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring a chic, dangle-style design, this charm portrays a classic snowflake motif with a combination of white crystals and cubic zirconia. Pair it with a hot toddy and a roaring fire for the ultimate effect.

snowflake charm

Snowflake Charm

What once was fleeting is now everlasting thanks to this Snowflake Charm by Pandora. Featuring a sleek geometric design in sterling silver, this charm combines a natural motif with contemporary simplicity. It’s the perfect way to bring your winter wardrobe out of hibernation this season.

you melt my heart charm

You Melt My Heart Charm

Add a little warmth to a chilly winter day with this You Melt My Heart Charm by Pandora. Featuring two sterling silver, heart-shaped discs, this charm combines a crystalline snowflake pattern with a sentimental engraved message. It’s the perfect gift for the one you plan to love through all seasons.