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Pandora Dog Charms

Dog Charms 2023

They’re your playmate and your companion; they’re your cuddle buddy and your shoulder to cry on. They’re your dog, and they mean the world to you. Show how much you adore your special pup with one of these Pandora Dog Charms. From akitas to bull terriers to poodles to labradors, many canine breeds have their own unique Pandora Puppy charm that captures each animal’s spirit and sincerity. If your adoration of dogs is more universal, take a look at the Pandora Paw Print Charm, which creatively uses an openwork heart-paw print motif that practically shouts, “Must love dogs!” Some, like the Dog Paw Print Charm or the I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm, work beautifully as memorial charms, keeping alive those beloved pets who recently or long ago moved on. Each of these Pandora Pet Charms is crafted from fine sterling silver and features captivating details like shimmering cubic zirconia, sparkling hand-applied enamel, and sentimental engravings. When it comes to your dog, you spare no expense, and this collection of Pandora dog jewelry is the perfect way to keep you both impeccably styled.

dog paw print charm

Dog Paw Print Charm

They say that dogs leave their pawprints on our hearts. Wear this Dog Paw Print Charm by Pandora as a symbol of the bond between you and your pet. Crafted from sterling silver and elevated with a sprinkling of white cubic zirconia, this charm is a paw-sitively delightful addition to any dog lover’s jewelry collection.

labrador puppy dangle charm

Labrador Puppy Dangle Charm

Show off your puppy love with this Labrador Puppy Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, dangle-style charm features a sweet lab puppy with floppy ears and oversized paws. He’s even wearing a bone-shaped collar decorated with a petite heart. How can you say no to that adorable face?

openwork paw print charm

Openwork Paw Print Charm

Your dog isn’t just a pet; she’s a beloved part of your family. Show off just how much you adore your dog with this Openwork Paw Print Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, openwork-style charm combines a paw print and a heart, perfectly conveying the important role a dog plays in her fur mom’s life.

devoted dog charm

Devoted Dog Charm

Show how much you cherish your canine companion with this Devoted Dog Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm portrays a sweet-faced pup with an adorable smile that says, “I’ll always be your friend.” After all, diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a dog’s loyalty knows no bounds.

bulldog puppy dangle charm

Bulldog Puppy Dangle Charm

Celebrate roly-poly pups everywhere with this Bulldog Puppy Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, dangle-style charm captures the playful spirit of bulldog puppies with wistful eyes and oversized paws. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover, this bulldog charm is a definite bullseye.

sparkling paw print and heart charm

Sparkling Paw Print and Heart Charm

Express your passion for puppies with this Sparkling Paw Print and Heart Charm by Pandora. Featuring a sweet dog’s paw with cubic zirconia toes centered over a sterling silver heart, this charm mixes sentiment and style with ease. It’s the perfect way to recognize yourself or a fellow fur mom.

poodle puppy dangle charm

Poodle Puppy Dangle Charm

For a charm that will inspire squeals of delight no matter where you go, look no further than the Poodle Puppy Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm perfectly captures the sweet sincerity of a poodle puppy with large, black enamel eyes and textured, curly ‘fur.’ It’s a great way to make a friend or loved one’s ruff day a little smoother.

i love my pet paw print heart charm

I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm

Memorialize a beloved, furry friend with this I Love My Pet Paw Print Heart Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm is shaped like a heart and features a sparkling paw print on the front and the phrase “I <3 my pet” on the reverse. It’s a testament to the indelible impression left behind by an adored canine companion.

bull terrier puppy dangle charm

Bull Terrier Puppy Charm

Add a quirky, fun-loving pup to your dog pack with this Bull Terrier Puppy Charm by Pandora. This dangle charm depicts a gentle bull terrier puppy in sterling silver and features a chain-style collar and a star-shaped tag. Black, handle-applied enamel finishes the piece with friendly eyes and a curious nose. Re-tail therapy has never been sweeter.

my pet dog dangle charm

My Pet Dog Dangle Charm

Is there any friend more loyal than your pup? This My Pet Dog Dangle charm by Pandora features a unique, dual-dangle construction that merges the silhouette of a dog with the message “My Best Friend” against a backdrop of shimmering enamel. The bail even includes two pawprint stamps on each side. Pairs perfectly with Marley & Me (a box of tissues!).

japanese akita inu charm

Japanese Akita Inu Charm

Say sayonara to boring outfits and hello to this Japanese Akita Inu Charm by Pandora. Crafted from sterling silver, this joyful akita puppy grins from ear-to-ear with hand-applied, black enamel facial features. He also wears a red and white enamel bandana around his neck, which represents the Japanese national flag. Wear this charm alone or with other Pandora dog charms to create the doggie family of your dreams.

bobby bot dangle charm

Bobby Bot Dangle Charm

All dogs are cute, but only this Bobby Bot Dangle Charm by Pandora knows how to compute. The faithful companion of Pandora’s Bella Bot, Bobby’s unique and moveable legs and floppy ears make him ready for adventures of all kinds. He’s the bravest and most loyal robot dog charm around!