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Pandora Letter Charms

Letter Charms 2023

Express yourself and your totally unique sense of style with this collection of Pandora Letter Charms. With a sleek charm for every letter of the alphabet (plus the ubiquitous hashtag symbol), the options for combining charms into one unique piece of statement jewelry are endless. Wear the charms as trendy initial jewelry or use them as alphabet jewelry to spell out a special message– the choice is yours. Each piece of letter jewelry is crafted from fine sterling silver and features a smooth front that contrasts beautifully with the textured heart pattern on the reverse. The symmetrical charms are even reversible, giving you nearly unlimited style options. Even a single Pandora initial charm can serve as the perfect signature centerpiece for any charm bracelet or necklace, so what are you waiting for? With these Pandora Alphabet Charms, finding an Instagram-worthy way to #strutyourstyle is as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3!

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Pandora Letter A Charm

A is for… alluring aesthetics. Earn top marks for your next outfit with this sterling silver Letter A Charm by Pandora.

Pandora Letter B Charm

B is for… bright baubles. This sterling silver Letter B Charm by Pandora features a smooth front and a contrasting, textured heart pattern on the back.

Pandora Letter C Charm

C is for… chic contrast. This sterling silver Letter C Charm by Pandora complements any combination of charms thanks to its streamlined simplicity.

Pandora Letter D Charm

D is for… delicate details. This Letter D Charm by Pandora delights with its fine sterling silver construction. As seen in your dreams!

Pandora Letter E Charm

E is for… enviable embellishments. This sterling silver Letter E Charm by Pandora is an elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

Pandora Letter F Charm

F is for… fashionably flirty. Thanks to this sterling silver Letter F Charm by Pandora, figuring out how to elevate your next date night outfit just became so much easier.

Pandora Letter G Charm

G is for… geometric grace. This sterling silver Letter G Charm by Pandora is an attention-grabbing accompaniment to any casual or professional outfit.

Pandora Letter H Charm

H is for… harmonious haute couture. This sterling silver charm Letter H Charm by Pandora hits all the right notes with its combination of contrasting textures and simple symmetry.

Pandora Letter I Charm

I is for… iconic inspiration. Say “I do” to this sterling silver Letter I Charm by Pandora and show how committed you are to good style.

Pandora Letter J Charm

J is for… joyful jewelry. Pair this sterling silver Letter J Charm by Pandora with other letter charms to showcase your initials or share a special message.

Pandora Letter K Charm

K is for… a kiss of kismet. This sterling silver Letter K Charm by Pandora may just hold the key to your fashion destiny.

Pandora Letter L Charm

L is for… low-key luxury. Light up your life with this sterling silver Letter L Charm by Pandora.

Pandora Letter M Charm

M is for… modern minimalism. This sterling silver Letter M Charm by Pandora makes gift-giving marvelously easy thanks to its simple elegance and fine craftsmanship.

Pandora Letter N Charm

N is for… nonchalant nirvana. This sterling silver Letter N Charm by Pandora makes humdrum office workwear a thing of the past.

Pandora Letter O Charm

O is for… oh-so-opulent. This sterling silver Letter O Charm by Pandora elevates its simple shape with contrasting smooth and textured surfaces.

Pandora Letter P Charm

P is for… polished paradise. This sterling silver Letter P Charm by Pandora is the perfect accoutrement for your next springtime garden party.

Pandora Letter Q Charm

Q is for… quintessential queen. This sterling silver Letter Q Charm by Pandora will make for quite the conversation when worn alone or with other letter charms.

Pandora Letter R Charm

R is for… relaxed romance. Shake up your style routine with this sterling silver Letter R Charm by Pandora.

Pandora Letter S Charm

S is for… sophisticated style. Slip into something sensational with this sterling silver Letter S Charm by Pandora.

Pandora Letter T Charm

T is for… tastefully trendy. This sterling silver Letter T Charm by Pandora takes any charm bracelet up a notch with its sleek design and subtle texturing.

Pandora Letter U Charm

U is for… uniquely you. This sterling silver Letter U Charm by Pandora is the ultimately finishing touch to any charm bracelet or outfit.

Pandora Letter V Charm

V is for… la vie vivante! This sterling silver Letter V Charm by Pandora practically begs to be worn during a stroll down Les Champs-Élysées or along the banks of the Seine.

Pandora Letter W Charm

W is for… winsome whimsy. This sterling silver Letter W Charm by Pandora won’t let you down and pairs seamlessly with a variety of style sensibilities.

Pandora Letter X Charm

X is for… a little something “x-tra” special. This sterling silver Letter X Charm by Pandora proves that fashion doesn’t have to be extreme to make a strong impression.

Pandora Letter Y Charm

Y is for… youthful yen. This sterling silver Letter Y Charm by Pandora is perfect for both the young and young-at-heart.

Pandora Letter Z Charm

Z is for… zesty zeal. Add a little zip to your next outfit of the day with this sterling silver Letter Z Charm by Pandora.

Pandora Hashtag (#) Symbol Charm

Shaped like a hashtag or pound sign, #,  this sterling silver Hashtag Symbol Charm by Pandora lets you create a special, wearable message. #strutyourstyle