Pandora Animal Charms Collections

Animal Charms Collections 2023

Dog Charms

Show how much you adore your special pup with one of these delightful Dog Charms.

Cat Charms

Adore your special feline with a purrfect Cat Charm right meow.

Elephant Charms

Get some luck, love, or a little laughter with one of these elephant charms.

Butterfly Charms

Let your heart flutter with a stylish and lavish butterfly charm.

Owl Charms

Capture the magic of the wise owl with a cute Owl Charm.

Bear Charms

Update your jewelry collection with a sweet piece from this collection of Bear Charms.

Bee Charms & Pendants

Swarm over this adorable collection of Pandora Bee Charms and Pendants.

Animal Charms

Find your Animal Charm with details striking details like glimmering cubic zirconia, embossed designs, and hand-painted enamel.

Unicorn & Narwhal Charms

Create your own fantasy (or real) world beginning with this collection of Unicorn Charms and Narwhal Charms

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