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Pandora Valentines Day Charms

Valentines Charms 2023

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day? Whether you celebrate with a special someone or take a day to #treatyourself, this vibrant collection of exclusive Pandora charms will surely add a bit of dazzle to your day. Some charms, like the Sparkling Arrow and Heart Charm or the Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm, offer colorful twists on classic motifs that please both the heart and the eye. Meanwhile, the fun-filled Love and Kisses Charm and Rainbow Hearts Charm are equally suitable for sweethearts and BFFs alike. And for those who find themselves a bit tongue-tied on Valentine’s Day, the Hold Your Heart Charm and Arrow of Love Charm can do the talking for you, thanks to delicately engraved messages of affection. Each charm is crafted from fine sterling silver, and many feature glamorous, pavé-set cubic zirconia, elegant rose and yellow gold contrasting components, and cheerful hand-painted enamel details. They say love is all you need– but let’s be honest: a bit of sparkle and shimmer never hurts either.

Sparkling Arrow and Heart Charm

Cupid himself strikes again with this Sparkling Arrow and Heart Charm by Pandora. The folded heart-and-arrow design, which evokes retro, handmade Valentines, is all dressed up and ready for date night thanks to dazzling white, red, and purple cubic zirconia. Show off your love with a little shimmer and sterling silver this Valentine’s Day– or any time of year.

Keys of Love Dangle Charm

Send a secret “love” note with this Keys of Love Dangle Charm by Pandora. A set of four dangling, sterling silver keys glitter brilliantly thanks to hand-affixed cubic zirconia details. With this charm, you’ll be sure to win over your sweetheart faster than you can spell L-O-V-E.

Rainbow Pavé Love Charm

Love out loud with this vibrant Rainbow Pavé Love Charm by Pandora. Bold sterling silver letters spell out the word “love” with playful heart-shaped detailing, while a rainbow gradient of cubic zirconia adds a colorful flair to this expressive and striking piece.

Red and Pink Hearts Charm

Love is in the air with this stunning Red and Pink Hearts Charm by Pandora. This heart-shaped, bead-style charm is crafted from sterling silver and practically bursts with smaller bright red and soft pink enamel hearts. What better way to flaunt your love of fashion?

Love Locks Dangle Charm

Let your special someone know they hold the key to your heart with this playful Love Locks Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring elegant pavé-set cubic zirconia on both the large and small locks, this dangling charm symbolizes the long-lasting strength of love through time. Available in two stunning options, the first features a larger sterling silver heard accompanied by a smaller 14K yellow gold heart. The second option features both heart in the timeless Rose Gold.

Rainbow Hearts Charm

Show your sweetheart how you feel about them with this inviting Rainbow Hearts Charm by Pandora. Featuring a pastel rainbow of enamel hearts in blue, yellow, pink, and purple affixed to a sterling silver, heart-shaped bead, this charm winks at classic Valentine’s Day candy and oozes fun (and maybe even little flirtatiousness!).

Hold Your Heart Charm

Give a gift you can share with this sentimental Hold Your Heart Charm by Pandora. Crafted in sterling silver and engraved with the message “I hold your heart forever,” this unique charm can be worn as a single piece or split in two to be shared with the one to whom your heart belongs.

Love You Lock Heart Charm

Speak what’s in your heart with this romantic Love You Lock Heart Charm by Pandora. With Victorian Era-esque cage-style detailing on the heart-shaped lock and a petite, matching skeleton key, this charm evokes the power of everlasting love. Additionally engraved with the words “Love You,” this charm is the perfect token of your abiding affections available in both sterling silver or beautiful rose gold.

Love and Kisses Heart Charm

This sassy Love and Kisses Heart Charm by Pandora is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, equally suitable for romantic partners and fun-loving gal pals alike. Featuring a pop art-style pattern of hearts and lips wrought in fine sterling silver, this charm emphasizes the fun and playful side of the holiday. Let these lips do the talking for you!

You Me Forever Charm

Love springs eternal in this You Me Forever Charm by Pandora. Featuring two sterling silver discs beautifully contrasted by a third disc in 14K gold, this charm makes your devotion crystal clear. After all, sometimes just a few words can say everything.

Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm

Featuring trendy pink ombre enamel, this Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm by Pandora offers a unique twist on a classic design. The word “Loved” is additionally engraved on the reverse side, ensuring that the object of your affections knows just how you feel about them, now and always.

Arrow of Love Charm

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this intimate, locket-style Arrow of Love Charm by Pandora. Two secrets hide inside the sterling silver locket: an 18K gold-plated silver arrow that can be worn inside the heart or dangling freely, and a delicate engraving of the word “Loved.” This charm is the perfect gift for those who want to proclaim their love openly– and stylishly.

Keep Me Safe Heart Charm

This Keep Me Safe Heart Charm by Pandora showcases the precious nature of love with a sweet, engraved reminder and delicate rose gold detailing. Sterling silver chains wrap around the heart-shaped bead as a reminder of what a priceless treasure love truly is.