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Pandora Travel Charms

Travel Charms 2023

Day trips, road trips, globe-trotting treks: whatever shape your future travel plans may take, this collection of Pandora Travel Charms is ready to help you set a course for fabulous and fresh style. Featuring suitcases, planes, and other voyage-ready motifs, each Pandora travel charm is sure to inspire wanderlust in the wearer. The Pink Travel Bag Charm and Adventure Suitcase Charm evoke the excitement of packing for a trip, while the Planet Earth Clip Charm and Spinning Globe Dangle Charm let you imagine traveling anywhere in the whole, wide world. Some Pandora destination charms, like the Paris Eiffel Tower Dangle Charm and the New York Statue of Liberty Dangle Charm, can either perfectly immortalize a life-changing voyage or remind you of your travel aspirations. Lastly, the Vintage Camera Charm reminds you to capture all the magic in your journeys, either in memory or on film. Each piece of Pandora travel jewelry features snazzy details like hand-applied enamel, shimmery cubic zirconia, and inspirational engravings. With one or a few of these travel charms dangling from your wrist, it won’t be long before you adopt a new motto: “Have style, will travel!”

Pink Travel Bag Charm

Your next journey beckons with this Pink Travel Bag Charm by Pandora. Hand-painted with soft pink enamel, this sterling silver suitcase charm features delicate details like a luggage tag, openwork handles, and the inscription “Love Travels.” With this charm, you can pack light and still look fabulous on your next trip.

adventure awaits dangle charm

Adventure Awaits Dangle Charm

Express your passion for travel and exploration with this Adventure Awaits Dangle Charm by Pandora (aka Passport Charm). Featuring a dangling, plane-engraved passport book, this sterling silver charm glimmers with beading and cubic zirconia details on the bail. It’s sure to inspire daydreams of faraway lands– even when you’re stuck late at the office.

Propeller Plane Dangle Charm

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Almost– it’s a propeller Plane Dangle Charm by Pandora! This sterling silver, dual dangle charm features both a detailed propeller plane and a sky-inspired, blue and white enamel disc. The reverse side of the disc is engraved with the phrase “To travel is to live,” a breathtaking reminder to step out of your comfort and experience all the world has to offer.

paris eiffel tower dangle charm

Paris Eiffel Tower Dangle Charm

Say ‘bonjour’ to this Paris Eiffel Tower Dangle Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this dangle charm depicts a miniature, highly detailed Eiffel Tour, evoking the original in all its awesome grandeur. Pair this très chic charm with a baguette and a glass of beaujolais.

new york statue of liberty dangle charm

New York Statue of Liberty Dangle Charm

Pay homage to the city that never sleeps with this New York Statue of Liberty Dangle Charm by Pandora. With all the original’s inspiration and majesty, this petite and intricately detailed version of Lady Liberty is crafted from fine sterling silver. Combine it with other Pandora landmark charms to show what a globetrotting gal you are.

Adventure Suitcase Charm

For those that prefer the road less traveled, set your sights on this Adventure Suitcase Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this detailed suitcase charm features a variety of “stickers” depicting Paris, the Eiffel tower, palm trees and more. It’s the perfect gift for those who aspire to explore every corner of the world.

symbols of new york dangle charm

Symbols of New York City Dangle Charm

Take a bite out of the Big Apple with this Symbols of New York City Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring the Statue of Liberty, an apple-shaped disc, and a yellow enamel taxi cab, this sterling silver charm joyfully offers the classic symbols of NYC. All you need now are the brilliant lights of Broadway!

vintage camera charm

Vintage Camera Charm

Capture the magic of travel with this Vintage Camera Charm by Pandora. Slick black enamel and a glimmering cubic zirconium add a touch of old school glam to this delightfully detailed, sterling silver camera charm. Wear it as a reminder to live in the moment and fully embrace all life has to offer.

Spinning Globe Dangle Charm

Your next outfit will be postcard-perfect with this Spinning Globe Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring hand-painted blue enamel that shimmers like the sea and sterling silver construction, this globe charm even spins smoothly. Finished with silver beading and a cubic zirconia-laden bail, this charm also works as a showstopping statement pendant.

backpack charm

Backpack Charm

Plane tickets? Check. Passport? Check. Backpack Charm by Pandora? Check! Crafted from fine sterling silver, this eclectic backpack charm delights with its heart- and crown-shaped ‘pins,’ as well as a cubic zirconia-inlaid ‘padlock.’ Wear it as you count down to your next globetrotting vacation.

all around the world charm

All Around the World Charm

Set sail for parts unknown with this All Around the World Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this openwork, bead-style charm conveys a sense of adventure with the words “All Around the World” in bold script. A few heart-shaped cubic zirconia finish the piece as a testament to your passionate love of travel.

Suitcase Dangle Charm

Grab your boarding pass and get ready for summer vacation with this Suitcase Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring a playful array of ‘stickers’ on its exterior, this sterling silver suitcase charm also opens to reveal pale pink enamel and the message “Ready to explore.” It’s the perfect gift for a student getting ready to study abroad or backpack through Europe.

planet earth clip charm

Planet Earth Clip Charm

Celebrate every corner of the globe with this Planet Earth Clip Charm by Pandora. This intricate, sterling silver charm features a map of all seven continents criss-crossed with latitude and longitude lines. Keep your favorite charm bracelet organized and balanced as you plan your next adventure.