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Pandora Pink Heart Charms

Pink Heart Charms 2023

Put a song in your heart with these Pandora Pink Heart Charms. This dazzling collection offers up pink heart jewelry in a variety of tones, hues, and styles, ensuring that any fashionista can find a charm that fits their wardrobe. From boldly dramatic (the Fuchsia Pink Heart Charm) to soft and contemplative (the Path to Love Charm) to cute and feminine (the Pink Encased in Love Charm), each charm is designed to reflect the passions and playfulness of its wearer. Some charms lend themselves to a seasonal spirit, like the Gleaming Clover Heart Charm and its springtime sentiments, while others evoke a sense of timelessness (the Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm). Masterfully crafted from sterling silver and rose gold, these Pandora pink charms also feature a dizzying array of details like eye-catching gemstones, heartfelt engravings, and colorful, hand-applied enamel. If you’ve been searching for a heart of gold, consider how a pink heart might satisfy instead!

fuchsia heart charm

Fuchsia Pink Heart Charm

Pink perfection awaits in this Fuchsia Pink Heart Charm by Pandora. This bead-style charm combines the softness of a classic heart-shape with the edginess of its multi-faceted, fuchsia-colored stone. Wear it solo or as a show-stopping centerpiece on any charm bracelet.

pink pave heart rose charm

Pink Pavé Heart Rose Gold Charm

Old Hollywood glamour is at your fingertips with this Pink Pavé Heart Rose Gold Charm by Pandora. Sparkling blush cubic zirconia, sleek white enamel, and chic rose gold form concentric heart patterns on the charm’s front. Meanwhile, heart-shaped cut-outs decorate the sides of this classically designed charm. It’s the perfect fit for red carpets and movie nights on the couch.

sparkling infinity heart dangle charm

Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm

Celebrate a timeless love with this Sparkling Infinity Heart Dangle Charm by Pandora. An exercise in delicate contrasts, this charm features two complementary dangling components. The first is a breathtaking openwork heart, encrusted in sparkling cubic zirconia and encircled by a gold-plated infinity symbol. The second is a rosy pink enamel heart with a sentimental engraving on the reverse. It’s a dazzling statement of your most heartfelt affections.

asymmetric heart of love charm

Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm

Let a special someone know just how loved they are with this Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm by Pandora. Pink and red ombré enamel decorates the front of this playful charm, while the back bears the engraving “Loved” in a delicate script. It’s a testament to the beauty of loving and being loved in return.

burst of love multicolored charm

Burst of Love Multicolored Charm

Represent a love that simply can’t be contained with this Burst of Love Multicolored Charm. This sterling silver, heart-shaped charm is composed of dozens of smaller, interconnected hearts, all hand-painted in pink and red enamel. Gift it to the one who makes your heart feel impossibly full of love.

Path to Love Charm

Do you follow your head, or your heart? Wear this Path to Love Charm by Pandora to shake up your outlook on life and seek out new, exciting experiences. A rose gold, labyrinth-shaped heart nestles against a pink enamel heart while white and blush gemstones provide a pop of sparkle. The reverse side’s engraving reminds you to “Follow your heart” whenever possible.

pink pave heart clip charm

Pink Pavé Heart Clip Charm

Feel pretty in pink with this Pink Pavé Heart Clip Charm by Pandora. This dazzling sterling silver charm features dozens of soft pink cubic zirconia that are sure to catch the light– and the attention of envious eyes– wherever you wear it. Pair this pavé charm with your favorite dress for the ultimate date night ensemble.

gleaming clover heart

Gleaming Clover Heart Charm

Put a spring in your step with this Gleaming Clover Heart Charm by Pandora. With a contrasting blend of pale pink and soft green cubic zirconia, this sterling silver charm evokes the sweetness of spring and newly blossomed affections. There’s even a four leaf clover for a bit of extra good luck!

pink encased in love charm

Pink Encased in Love Charm

You’ll be tickled pink by this Pink Encased in Love Charm by Pandora. Sterling silver, openwork hearts surround a perfectly pink gemstone for a look that’s both playful and spirited. Consider it a worthy gift for a Sweet Sixteen celebration (or any other age!).

burst of love clip charm

Burst of Love Clip Charm

Mix up your wardrobe with this Burst of Love Clip Charm by Pandora. Designed to keep your favorite charm bracelet balanced and organized, this colorful clip charm features dozens of hand-painted enamel hearts in a palette that ranges from barely-there pink to deep crimson. Pair it with other Pandora heart charms for the perfect love-themed bracelet.