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Pandora Animal Charms

Animal Charms 2023

By air, land, and sea, this adorable collection of Pandora Animal Charms is taking the world by storm! Featuring a whole menagerie of cute critters, these sterling silver charms are sure to put a smile on the face of any animal lover. To start, the Twinkling Turtle Charm captures the slow and steady poise of turtles and tortoises, while the Pavé Monkey Charm mixes shimmer and sass. Next up, Nino also joins the crew as a gentle friend whose spikes hide his soft-hearted nature (Nino the Hedgehog Charm). Two birds also call this flock of charms family (the American Bald Eagle Charm and the Christmas Penguin Charm) and take the collection’s style to new heights. Even a Pandora rabbit charm hops into the mix (Disney Bambi Thumper Rabbit Dangle Charm)! Last but not least, for those in search of the perfect Pandora crab charm, look no further than the Disney the Little Mermaid Sebastian Dangle Charm. Each Pandora animal charm includes striking details like glimmering cubic zirconia, embossed designs, and hand-painted enamel. All are the perfect expression of your love of nature, animals, and the wide, wild world around you!

twinkling turtle charm

Twinkling Turtle Charm

Take the scenic route with this Twinkling Turtle Charm by Pandora. With shimmering cubic zirconia eyes and embossed hearts on his little feet, this sterling silver turtle is ready to greet each new adventure with a smile. This charm serves as a gentle reminder of the virtues of patience and diligence. After all, slow and steady wins the race!

nino the hedgehog charm

Nino the Hedgehog Charm

Look sharp with this Nino the Hedgehog Charm by Pandora. Part of the squeal-worthy Pandora Friends collection, Nino the Hedgehog features sterling silver construction, a friendly smile, and a heart-shaped belly button. Pair this charm with other woodland creatures to create a stylish flock of furry friends.

pave monkey charm

Pavé Monkey Charm

Animal lovers will go bananas for this Pavé Monkey Charm by Pandora. Designed to playfully wrap around your favorite bracelet, this sterling silver money charm showcases pavé-set cubic zirconia and two pale blue gemstone eyes. This hypnotic charm even features a snake chain tail dangle for an extra dose of playfulness.

pave sea turtle charm

Pavé Sea Turtle Charm

Your personal island paradise awaits with this Pavé Sea Turtle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver sea turtle glimmers like the South Pacific itself thanks to 30 pavé-set cubic zirconia on its ‘shell.’ It’s the perfect way to memorialize an idyllic summer vacation.

American Bald Eagle Charm

Let freedom ring with this American Bald Eagle Charm by Pandora. Small but mighty, this sterling silver bald eagle features a blue cubic zirconia star on its chest and a red, white, and blue backpack on the reverse. It’s a stylish addition to any bracelet– from sea to shining sea.

disney the little mermaid sebastian dangle charm

Disney the Little Mermaid Sebastian Dangle Charm

Take a dive under the sea with this Disney the Little Mermaid Sebastian Dangle Charm by Pandora. Depicting everyone’s favorite crab in sterling silver, this dangle charm showcases Sebastian’s charisma and sass alongside a music note-embossed bail. This charm makes for a chipper addition to any animal- or Disney-themed collection.

disney bambi thumper rabbit dangle charm

Disney Bambi Thumper Rabbit Dangle Charm

Get ready for a fun-filled forest frolic with this Disney Bambi Thumper Rabbit Dangle Charm by Pandora. With floppy ears and a thick fur coat, this sterling silver rendition of Thumper is every bit as cute and cuddly as the original. It’s the perfect gift for a cherished friend who has had your back since Day One.

Christmas Penguin Charm

Celebrate the season of giving with this Christmas Penguin Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this itty-bitty penguin features a festive cap and jingle bell– perfect for ringing in the holidays! Pair this little guy with a cup of cocoa and a roaring fire for an unforgettable Christmas morning.