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Pandora Mother and Son Charms

Mother’s Day from Son Charms 2023

It can be difficult for a son to find the right way to express appreciation and love to their mom. After all, who else has rocked you to sleep, driven you to baseball practice, and danced with you at your wedding? Luckily, this collection of Pandora Charms for Mom from Son is a simply stunning way to say “Thank you!” to one of the most important women in a man’s life. Pieces like the Mother and Son Bond Charm, with its intricate woven design, represent the interconnectedness between mother and son, making it a lovely acknowledgement of the ever-evolving role of a mother in her son’s life. New moms might especially enjoy the Mother Owl and Baby Owl charm, which features a sweet little owlet curled up under his mother’s loving wing. Each Pandora mother and son charm features fine craftsmanship in sterling silver or rose gold, along with appealing touches like sentimental engravings and glittery cubic zirconia. Moms have a knack for taking care of everyone around them, so let one of these Pandora Mother Son charms help remind your mom that she is loved and cared for as well.

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Mother and Son Heart Split Dangle Charm

Celebrate the special bond between mother and son with this Mother and Son Heart Split Dangle Charm by Pandora. With two sterling silver, dangling hearts and a black enamel heart on the bail, this charm embodies a sleek timelessness that pairs well with any woman’s unique sense of style. Additionally, its two-piece design can be worn separately or together, making this charm a versatile addition to any devoted mom’s jewelry collection this Mother’s Day.

charming owls

Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm

Let your mother know you give a “hoot” with this sweet Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm by Pandora. Two sleepy owls snuggle close on this bead-style charm, with feathery details aplenty. It’s the perfect gift of thanks for all your mom’s wisdom and love over the years.

Mother and Son Bond Charm

Whether you’re seeking to celebrate a new mom or one who has already watched her children grow up, this Mother and Son Bond Charm by Pandora speaks to the special relationship between mother and son. Heart-shaped and cast in sterling silver, this charm features the words “Mother” and “Son” in an elegant script surrounded by sparkling cubic zirconia. It’s a tender reminder that although children grow older, a mother’s love never grows weaker.

mom love double heart charm

Thanks for Being My Mom Charm

Make Mother’s Day a day of gratitude with this Thanks for Being My Mom Charm by Pandora. Crafted in contrasting sterling silver and rose gold, this dynamic charm combines both sentiment and style. The larger heart is engraved with the message “Thanks for being my Mom” in a playful script, while the smaller heart reads “Love” on one side and “You” on the reverse. Your mom will know she raised you well every time she wears this love-filled charm.

mom script charm

Mom Script Charm

This Mom Script Charm by Pandora is perfect for the mother who wears her heart on her sleeve. Made of fine sterling silver, this charm spells out “MOM” with a playful, openwork heart in place of the “O.” This Pandora charm for mom and son is a stylish-yet-fun accompaniment to any woman’s Mother’s Day ensemble.

Beloved Mother Charm

Your mom has always made your world better and brighter. This Mother’s Day, add a little light to her life with the Beloved Mother Charm by Pandora. Available in both rose gold and sterling silver, this dangle charm features both a solid heart engraved with the words “Beloved Mother” and an open heart outlined in dazzling cubic zirconia. It’s a gift that will always shine with the love of a son for his mother.

mom of the year charm

Mom of the Year Charm

Shower your mother with all the accolades she deserves with this Mom of the Year Charm by Pandora. Featuring a sassy crown atop a rounded, sterling silver heart, this engraved, bead-style charm announces clearly that your mom is, in fact, the Best Mom this year (and every year!).

motherly love charm

Motherly Love Charm

This Mother’s Day, recognize your mom as the icon she is with this Motherly Love Charm by Pandora. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring the word “Mom” in delicate script, this intricate filigree charm boasts a timeless heart motif throughout its design. It’s the perfect keepsake of an incomparable relationship.