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Pandora Minnie Mouse Charms

Minnie Mouse Charms 2023

This collection of exclusive Pandora charms celebrates Disney’s first leading lady, Minnie Mouse. With charms that nod at both Minnie’s past (the sincerely sweet Vintage Charm) and future (the delicately detailed Robot Charm), the timelessness of the character takes center stage in this collection. Fans can also ring in the Chinese New Year with the cute Qipao Charm or capture the joy of flight with the fabulous Floating Charm. Meanwhile, the Headband and Cupcake Charms commemorate Minnie’s classic style with subtle and delightful details. All of these precious charms are crafted from fine sterling silver, and many showcase hand-painted enamel, shimmering cubic zirconia, and trendy rose gold features. With such high quality craftsmanship, Disney fans of all ages can find joy in this collection of feminine and elegant charms. Whether you are looking to begin a charm collection, or are perhaps instead searching for your crown jewel, these Pandora Minnie Mouse charms will surely add a little magic to your day.

minnie sparkling portrait charm

Minnie Mouse Sparkling Portrait Charm

Celebrate an icon with this Minnie Mouse Sparkling Portrait Charm by Pandora. The three-dimensional portrait of Minnie is enhanced with glittery pink and white cubic zirconia. Such a glamorous spin on a classic will surely be a welcome addition to any Disney fan’s charm collection.

minnie floating charm

Minnie Mouse Floating Charm

Let your heart soar for this Minnie Mouse Floating Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver and featuring shimmering cubic zirconia and blue enamel details, this delightful charm depicts Minnie as she floats away on an adventure with her dazzling balloon. Won’t you join her?

minnie robot charm

Minnie Mouse Robot Charm

Take a peek at the future with this Minnie Mouse Robot Charm by Pandora. Crafted in sterling silver with enamel detailing in Minnie’s iconic shade of red, this charm also features a unique movable design. With textured rose gold arms and legs and screw-inspired details on the ears, this charm showcases an eye for both subtlety and style.

minnie charm

Minnie Mouse Charm

Disney’s iconic leading lady takes center stage in this Minnie Mouse Charm by Pandora. Crafted in fine sterling silver, this classic three-dimensional portrait of Minnie Mouse embodies the character’s spirit and warmth. Minnie’s joyful expression will delight Disney fans of all ages.

minnie headband charm

Minnie Mouse Headband Charm

Add a bit of playful elegance to your day with this shimmering Minnie Mouse Headband Charm by Pandora. Primarily crafted from sterling silver with black enamel and glittery cubic zirconia details, this charm is a subtle-yet-glamorous nod to the legendary mouse herself.

minnie red dress charm

Minnie Mouse Red Dress Charm

Everyone’s favorite sweetheart strikes a playful pose for this sterling silver Minnie Mouse Red Dress Charm by Pandora. With Minnie’s whimsical skirt highlighted in red enamel, this glossy dangling charm makes for a fashionable addition to any Disney fan’s collection.

minnie cupcake charm

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Charm

Satisfy your style cravings with this sweet Minnie Mouse Cupcake Charm by Pandora. Topped with an enamel version of Minnie’s iconic white and red polka dot bow, this sterling silver charm will be a true treat for Disney fans of all ages.

minnie qipao chinese new year charm

Minnie Mouse Qipao Charm (Chinese New Year)

Ring in the New Year with this Minnie Mouse Qipao Charm by Pandora. Dressed in a traditional Chinese Qipao with gold and red enamel details, Minnie also keeps her look modern with a pair of hip, red sneakers. For extra luck in the New Year, the clasp of this dangling charm evokes a Chinese fortune coin and shimmers with hand-affixed cubic zirconia.

vintage minnie charm

Minnie Mouse Vintage Charm

Show off your retro side with this vintage-inspired sterling silver Minnie Mouse Vintage Charm by Pandora. Featuring a relief portrait of Minnie Mouse against a wistful, baby pink enamel background, this charm evokes the nostalgia of a bygone era while also promising joy and sweetness in the years to come.