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Pandora Winnie The Pooh Charms

Winnie The Pooh Charms 2023

Woodsy adventure and high-spirited friendship awaits you in this collection of Pandora Winnie the Pooh Charms. Based on Disney’s famed adaptations of the classic A. A. Milne storybook characters, these Pandora Pooh Charms span from Piglet (the Pandora Piglet Charm) to Pooh himself (the Disney Winnie The Pooh Charm). In other words, the gang’s all here and ready for fun! Plan a day of wild hijinks with the Pandora Tigger Charm, or take it slow and easy with the Pandora Eeyore Charm. You can even celebrate your next birthday Hundred Acre Wood-style with the Winnie the Pooh Birthday Dangle Charm. And come Christmas time, you’ll find there’s no better way to commemorate the season of giving than with the Christmas Winnie the Pooh charm and the Christmas Eeyore Charm dangling from your wrist. Each charm features eye-catching details like hand-applied enamel and playful engravings that are sure to delight Disney fans of all ages. Whichever Winnie the Pooh Pandora Charm you choose, you’ll find yourself wearing a deeply felt symbol of innocence and friendship that resonates across generations.

winnie the pooh charm

Disney Winnie The Pooh Charm

Enjoy a moment of sweet nostalgia with this Disney Winnie The Pooh Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver portrait charm features Winnie’s smiling face with a simple, yet expressive, design. Pair it with other Disney character charms to create a menagerie of all your favorite friends and heroes.

disney eeyore charm

Disney Eeyore Charm

Gear up for your next adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood with this Pandora Eeyore Charm. Both sad and steadfast, everyone’s favorite gray donkey is captured here in sterling silver. A bright pink enamel bow on his tail adds colorful dimension while reminding the wearer of the importance of optimism in the face of challenges.

disney tigger charm

Disney Tigger Charm

Put a spring in your step with this Pandora Tigger Charm. Everyone’s favorite bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, and pouncy tiger is rendered here in sterling silver as he sweetly offers up a bright pink enamel flower. Gift it to someone whose rambunctious spirit never fails to liven up your day.

disney piglet charm

Disney Piglet Charm

Bask in the warm glow of friendship with this Pandora Piglet Charm. Best friend of Pooh Bear and beloved character in his own right, Piglet is depicted here in sterling silver with enamel details in his iconic shade of pink. He holds a small teddy bear and is ready for anything– even a hunt for the ever-elusive heffalump!

winnie the pooh birthday dangle charm

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Dangle Charm

Celebrate your special day with this Winnie the Pooh Birthday Dangle Charm. Clad in a red enamel shirt and blue enamel party hat, Winnie gestures excitedly in anticipation of your big day. Meanwhile, a sterling silver disc features the engraving “HapBee Birthday” and a honeypot. A small bee detail on the bail finishes the look, making this charm a sweet-as-honey addition to any birthday outfit.

christmas winnie the pooh charm

Christmas Winnie the Pooh Charm

The weather outside might be frightful, but this Christmas Winnie the Pooh Charm by Pandora is delightful! Dressed in a matching red enamel shirt and cap, Pooh clutches a ‘hunny’ jar with a smile that says he’ll be happy to share. His cheerful demeanor will snap you out of the dark winter doldrums faster than you can say, “Oh bother!”

christmas eeyore charm

Christmas Eeyore Charm

This Christmas Eeyore Charm by Pandora shows that even a pessimist can find comfort in the joyful spirit of the holidays. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this bead-style charm depicts Eeyore in a red enamel Santa cap and holding a matching red gift box. Consider this charm the perfect dose of Christmas cheer.