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Pandora Owl Charms

Owl Charms 2023

Wisdom, intuition, transition: across many cultures and time periods, the majestic owl has been revered as a symbol of some of the most profound and even mystical concepts known to humans. Now you can capture the magic of this winged creature with one of these Pandora Owl Charms. Crafted from fine sterling silver, each one of these charms pays respect to owls and their forest home with designs that range from touching to transformative. Both the Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm and the Always by Your Side Owl Dangle Charm serve as excellent gifts for moms both recent and longtime, delicately portraying the heartfelt intensity of the parent-child bond. Meanwhile, graduates of all ages receive their due recognition with the Owl Graduation Charm and the Wise Owl Graduation Charm. And of course, no collection of Pandora Owl Jewelry would be complete without an appearance from one of the most famous owls of all: Harry Potter’s noble and sprightly companion Hedwig the snowy owl (the Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Dangle Charm). Each of these charms features evocative details like bright blue gemstones, sparkling cubic zirconia, and hand-applied enamel that incite almost as much wonder as an owl in full flight. Your sense of style can’t be caged or tamed, so why not set it free with the wise and intuitive spirit of these Pandora Owl Charms?

mother and baby owl

Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm

Celebrate the tenderness of motherhood with this Mother Owl and Baby Owl Charm by Pandora. Featuring a baby owlet snuggled under his mother’s strong, protective wing, this sterling silver, bead-style charm captures the importance of love and security with feathery details galore.

always by your side owl dangle charm

Always by Your Side Owl Dangle Charm

Take comfort in a mother’s love with this Always by Your Side Owl Dangle Charm by Pandora. This uniquely designed dual-dangle charm features two discs that, together, craft a scene of a mother and baby owl snuggled against a starlit sky. The mother owl’s bright blue gemstone-eyes and the engraving “Always By Your Side” make this charm the perfect way to recognize a beloved mother figure or even remind a child of the longevity of a parent’s love.

sparkling owl charm

Sparkling Owl Charm

The night is yours with this Sparkling Owl Charm by Pandora. With deep blue gemstone-eyes that can pierce any darkness and white cubic zirconia-encrusted eyebrows, this sterling silver owl charm cuts a figure at once inquisitive and wise. Wear it as a reminder of the strong, capable guide that exists within each one of us.

harry potter hedwig owl dangle charm

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Dangle Charm

Upgrade your style faster than you can say Wingardium Leviosa with this Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, dangle-style charm captures Harry’s beloved pet snowy owl, Hedwig, in mid-flight as she delivers a letter with a red enamel seal. Known for both her loyalty and intelligence, Hedwig is the perfect complement to any Harry Potter lover’s charm collection.

graduate owl

Owl Graduation Charm

Go above and beyond in recognizing your favorite graduate with this Owl Graduation Charm by Pandora. Cerulean gemstone eyes complement the owl’s white cubic zirconia-gilded body, while a classic graduation cap sits atop this sterling silver owl’s head. College, high school, trade school– any grad will be over the moon for this wise charm!

wise owl graduation

Wise Owl Graduation Charm

Let your dreams of academic achievement take flight with this Wise Owl Graduation Charm by Pandora. With piercing blue gemstone-eyes and dangling tassels, this sweet owl charm symbolizes not only wisdom, but also the journey required to achieve it. Wear this charm for inspiration as you work toward your degree or as a reminder of all that you’ve already accomplished!