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Pandora Disney Princess Charms

Disney Princess Charms 2023

Whether you admired Belle’s bookishness, craved Tiana’s beignets, or wished for a fairy godmother of your own, this collection of Pandora Disney Princess Charms is sure to take you back to the days of your youth. Each Pandora Princess Charm is crafted from fine sterling silver and evokes both the beauty and bravery of the Disney Princesses in stunning detail. The Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Charm captures the buoyant whimsy of life under the sea, while the Disney Cinderella Charm is itself a dream come true. Meanwhile, magic carpets and enchanted hairstyles feel like real-life thanks to the Disney Aladdin Jasmine Charm and the Disney Tangled Rapunzel Charm. A trio of Pandora Disney Princess Pendants rounds out this collection, featuring classic symbols like Snow White’s apple, Belle’s glass-encased rose, and Cinderella’s wishing star. Each of these Disney Pandora Princess Pendants and charms feature show-stopping details like shimmering cubic zirconia, hand-painted enamel, and clever openwork designs. Whether you wear just one or assemble your own Disney Princess girl squad, these charms are sure to delight you again and again, just like the classic fairy tales and folk stories once did.

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Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Charm

Make waves with this Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Charm by Pandora. Translucent, hand-applied enamel in shades of green and purple evokes one of Ariel’s classic outfits in The Little Mermaid, while her long hair flows as if lifted by an ocean current. This sterling silver charm makes a seaworthy centerpiece for any aquatic-themed charm bracelet.

Disney Cinderella Charm

Become the belle of the ball with this Disney Cinderella Charm by Pandora. With an oversized head and eyes, this spin on a timeless classic also features hand-painted enamel in Cinderella’s quintessential shade of blue. It’s the perfect reminder that sometimes breaking curfew is totally worth it.

Disney Aladdin Jasmine Charm

Step into a whole new world with this Disney Aladdin Jasmine Charm by Pandora. Featuring details like golden enamel hoop earrings and a turquoise enamel headband, this sterling silver charm captures Jasmine’s bold sense of style from head to toe. She’s a captivating representation of your own rebellious, independent streak.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Charm

Let your hair down with this Disney Tangled Rapunzel Charm by Pandora. Delicate flowers spring forth from Rapunzel’s flowing mane of magic hair, while hand-painted purple enamel lends a pop of color to her gown. You deserve an exciting adventure– and this sterling silver charm is the perfect companion for the road ahead.

Disney Princess Tiana And The Frog Charm

There’s magic in the air thanks to this Disney Princess Tiana And The Frog Charm by Pandora. Hand-painted in shades of frog-green and sunshine-yellow enamel, this sterling silver charm captures the essence of Tiana’s brave and curious spirit. Wear it and remember: sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.

Pandora Disney Princess Pendants

Disney Princess Pendants 2022

Disney Snow White Apple Pendant

Take a bite out of life with this Disney Snow White Apple Pendant by Pandora. A sterling silver, openwork heart wraps around a red, cabochon-cut crystal ‘apple,’ while a delicately engraved leaf unfurls itself just above. This shimmery, show-stopping pendant proves at long last that you are incontestably the fairest of them all.

Disney Belle Infinity & Rose Flower Pendant

Embrace eternal love with this Disney Belle Infinity & Rose Flower Pendant by Pandora. Nestled inside a thorny, rose-laden infinity symbol is a cabochon-cut crystal in the same shade of yellow as Belle’s iconic gown in Beauty and the Beast. Wear this pendant and revel in the transformative power of true love.

Disney Cinderella Blue Star Pendant

Wishes do come true thanks to this Disney Cinderella Blue Star Pendant by Pandora. This celestial pendant bursts like a shooting star with a sky-blue crystal as its centerpiece. Sparkling cubic zirconia and a delicate motif of Cinderella’s carriage finish this sterling silver pendant with a magical touch.