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Pandora Mickey Mouse Charms

Mickey Mouse Charms 2023

This collection of exclusive Pandora charms commemorates one of the world’s most beloved fictional characters, Disney’s very own Mickey Mouse. From cutesy (the Red Shorts Charm) to classic (the Heart Charm), this collection showcases the evolution of the classic character over the last century. For those seeking out a subtle nod to Mickey, look no further than the gorgeous Sparkling Heart Charm and sea-blue Hat Charm, which each offer a stylish wink at the character. Festive, holiday-themed charms (the Candy Cane and Santa Charms) round out the collection. Each charm is crafted from fine sterling silver, with many featuring colorful pops of hand-painted enamel, glittery cubic zirconia, and trendy rose gold features. The especially magical Sorcerer Charm even features a golden, artificial pearl that pays homage to the splendor of Mickey’s role in the classic film, Fantasia. Because of their superb craftsmanship and whimsical details, these charms please Disney fans of all ages. So whether you are looking for your own crown jewel, or are perhaps instead searching for a timeless gift for another, these Pandora Mickey Mouse charms deliver magic (and a little mousy mischief!) in spades.

mickey sparkling portrait charm

Mickey Mouse Sparkling Portrait Charm

Add a bit of glitz to an icon with this Mickey Mouse Sparkling Portrait Charm by Pandora. With dazzling cubic zirconia enhancing Mickey’s smiling three-dimensional portrait in sterling silver, this bead-style charm elevates a classic with sumptuous and unexpected details.

mickey red short charm

Mickey Mouse Red Shorts Charm

This Mickey Mouse Red Shorts Charm by Pandora delivers an adorable twist on a classic. With oversized ears and head and an extra petite body, this charm showcases Mickey at his sweetest yet. The sterling silver charm features hand-applied enamel details, including Mickey’s classic red shorts, and is sure to make any fan squeal with delight.

mickey charm

Mickey Mouse Charm

Disney’s most famous mouse steps into the stoplight with this Mickey Mouse Charm by Pandora. The three-dimensional portrait of a happily grinning Mickey renders the legend in simple, yet classic, sterling silver. This bead-style charm truly radiates the timeless joy of Mickey Mouse.

mickey sorcerer charm

Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Charm

Embrace Mickey at his most magical with this Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Charm by Pandora. This dangling charm features Mickey in his famous Fantasia role, cast in sterling silver with golden enamel and bewitching artificial pearl details. Disney fans of all ages will surely find this charm spellbinding.

mickey sparkling hat charm

Mickey Mouse Sparkling Hat Charm

Add a bit of playful whimsy to your day with this shimmering Mickey Mouse Hat Charm by Pandora. Deep blue cubic zirconia make this dangling sterling silver charm shimmer and pop, and the classic hat design subtly pays homage to the iconic mouse himself.

mickey candy cane charm

Mickey Mouse Candy Cane Charm

What a treat! This Mickey Mouse Candy Cane Charm by Pandora features Mickey climbing playfully atop a candy cane, wishing all a Merry Christmas with a wave of his iconic gloved hand. This dangling charm pops with red enamel details and a cubic zirconia star design. Disney fans of all ages will be thrilled to find this charm nestled under their tree or in their stocking.

Santa Mickey Mouse Charm

Ensure your place on the ‘Nice’ list with this Santa Mickey Mouse Charm by Pandora. With fine sterling silver construction and festive red and green enamel details, this charm features Mickey adorned in a Santa hat and bowtie. Could there be a better way to celebrate the season of giving than with the gift of Mickey himself?

mickey heart charm

Mickey Mouse Heart Charm

Express your romantic side with this vintage-inspired Mickey Mouse Heart Charm by Pandora. Featuring a portrait of Mickey showing off his classic grin and rendered in fine sterling silver, this heart-shaped box charm is a sweet Valentine for any time of the year.

mickey robot charm

Mickey Mouse Robot Charm

The future is now within reach thanks to this inventive Mickey Mouse Robot Charm by Pandora. Featuring a unique movable design, this charm showcases braided rose gold arms and legs and screw-inspired details on the ears and feet. A sterling silver body and red enamel detailing complete the captivating effect for a Mickey charm that feels both nostalgic and cutting edge.