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Pandora Graduation Charms

Graduation Charms 2023

Cap off your next graduation celebration with this collection of Pandora Graduation Charms! Whether they’ve just graduated from high school or college, that special student in your life will surely enjoy a bit of appreciation for all the work that went into them walking across the stage on graduation day. Many of this collection’s pieces, like the Wise Graduation Owl Charm and the Study Book Charm, use the traditional symbolism of the owl to convey the importance of wisdom and hardwork. Other charms (like the Teach with Love Charm) reverse the equation and show appreciation for the person without whom no student can succeed: their teacher! And the Dream Heart Charm gives a daily dose of hope to those who haven’t quite met all their goals, but don’t intend to stop until they do. Every Pandora charm for graduation is crafted from fine sterling silver, and many feature delightful details like inspirational engravings, shimmering cubic zirconia, and fun dangle-style designs. Even after the last notes of “Pomp and Circumstance” fade, your grad will be able to relive their big moment with one of these charms, like a diploma they can proudly wear each day.

graduation cap dangle

Graduation Cap Dangle Charm

Recognize a hard-working student in your life with this Graduation Cap Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring sterling silver craftsmanship and a heart motif on the bail, this graduation cap-shaped charm symbolizes both achievement and a love of learning. The reverse side of the Pandora Graduation Cap Charm is engraved with the phrase, “Hard work pays off,” a reminder of the potential within each and every one of us.

wise owl graduation

Wise Graduation Owl Charm

Whether they’re leaving the nest or simply moving to the next grade, let your graduate know that you recognize all of their soaring achievements with this Wise Owl Graduation Charm by Pandora. Featuring a petite, graduation capped-owl with huge, blue cubic zirconia eyes, this sterling silver charm captivates with a combination of style and sentiment. Matching tassels on the cap and scroll make this Pandora Owl Graduation Charm the perfect memento for any academic milestone.

graduate owl

Graduate Owl Charm

Let your pride in your favorite graduate take flight with this Graduate Owl Charm by Pandora. With piercing blue cubic zirconia eyes and a white cubic zirconia-gilded body, this owl charm symbolizes both wisdom and the journey required to achieve it. Gift it to a student who has gone above and beyond in the search for knowledge and success.

dream heart

Dream Heart Charm

Give the gift of motivation and encouragement with this touching Dream Heart Charm by Pandora. With its heart-shaped design and myriad of pale blue cubic zirconia “stars,” this charm reminds its wearer to follow their passions even in the face of obstacles. It also features the engraved sentiment, “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” which acts as a reminder of the power of belief.

i love reading

I Love Reading Charm

Celebrate book worms and lit nerds alike with this I Love Reading Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm features two dangling components: a pair of nifty eyeglasses and a book that proclaims the wearer’s love of reading. It’s a fitting gift for librarians, educators, and those who simply enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.

study book

Study Book Charm

Let a special student know they have the “write” stuff to be successful with this Study Book Charm by Pandora. This bead-style, sterling silver charm features a stack of books, the topmost of which is engraved with an encouraging owl in a graduation cap. It’s an extraordinarily thoughtful gift that shows just how well all those long hours in the library paid off!

teach with love

Teach with Love Charm

Celebrate the noble profession of education with this Teach with Love Charm by Pandora. Designed as a dual-sided chalkboard, this sterling silver charm even features a heart-shaped “eraser” on its wood-like frame. It’s a reminder that teaching is so much more than grading papers and exams– it’s an act of true love.

charming owls

Charming Owls Charm

Perfect for students and educators alike, this Charming Owls Charm by Pandora is a lovely reminder of the support and effort that goes into a person’s academic journey. Featuring a fluffy owlet snuggled under a larger, protective owl’s wing, this sterling silver charm boasts an abundance of feathery, textured details that are sure to be “aww”-inspiring.

daughter love

Daughter Love Charm

Offer a token of support and encouragement for your daughter’s academic journey with this Daughter Love Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm features a single pink cubic zirconia and an engraving of the word “Daughter” in formal script. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way to recognize your daughter’s growth from girl to woman.