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Pandora Mother’s Day from Daughter Charms

Mother Daughter Charms 2023

No relationship embodies the strength of true love quite like the bond between mother and daughter. This Mother’s Day, honor your mother with a selection from this Pandora Mother Daughter Charm collection. Specially designed to evoke the love between a mother and her daughter and featuring a wide range of styles, this collection is sure to include a charm that captures the unique flair of you and your mom’s relationship. Two split dangle charms (the You Are Always in My Heart Mother Daughter Charm and the Like Mother, Like Daughter Charm) are perfect for the pair that loves to carry a piece of one another, even when they can’t be together. Other charms, like the Mother of the Year Charm, capture the playful side of motherhood, and directly recognize all the behind-the-scenes labor that goes into being a mom. Each of these Pandora Charms for Mom and Daughter features fine craftsmanship in sterling silver or rose gold, along with fashionable details like glimmering cubic zirconia and hand-painted enamel. New moms, cool moms, beloved & best moms– these Pandora charms have everything and everyone taken care of, just like Mom always does.

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You Are Always in my Heart Mother Daughter Charm

Thanks to this You Are Always in My Heart Mother Daughter Charm by Pandora, good genes aren’t the only thing you can share with your mom. Available in both chic rose gold and classic sterling silver, this uniquely designed split dangle charm means each of you gets a delicate keepsake to remember each other by. With sweet details like hand-painted enamel and glimmering cubic zirconia, this is a Mother’s Day gift that your mom will wholeheartedly appreciate.

like mother like daughter charm

Like Mother Like Daughter Charm

Whether you’ve inherited her eyes, her laugh, or just her incredible sense of fashion, let your mom know how much you appreciate all she’s given you with this Like Mother, Like Daughter Charm from Pandora. Featuring a special split dangle construction, this rose gold and sterling silver charm can be worn as either one or two pieces, making it the perfect way for mothers and daughters to keep each other close, even when they can’t be together.

Beloved Mother Charm

Make this Mother’s Day glamorous with the Beloved Mother Charm by Pandora. Available in both sterling silver and rose gold, this dangle charm features two hearts: a solid one engraved with the words “Beloved Mother,” and an open one outlined in white cubic zirconia. Each heart complements the other beautifully, sending a clear message that you love your mom– and her sense of style.

sparkling mom heart charm

Sparkling Mom Heart Charm

Your mom is a one-of-a-kind gem, so let her know how special she is with this Sparkling Mom Heart Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm combines a layered heart motif with a touch of glittery cubic zirconia, producing an effect that’s both classy and glamorous. After all, the mother-daughter bond is a treasure, and this charm is its perfect representation.

perfect mom dangle charm

Perfect Mom Heart Crystal Charm

This Mother’s Day, spell out just how much you appreciate your mom with this Perfect Mom Dangle Charm by Pandora. Crafted from sterling silver, this dangle charm features the letters “M-O-M” in a sleek, contemporary style. Violet and pale pink cubic zirconia accents make this charm both heartfelt and feminine– the perfect gift from daughter to mother.

I love You Charm

Give those grade school Mother’s Day gifts an upgrade with this I Love You Charm by Pandora. Available in two colorways, this dangle charm portrays the phrase “I Love You” in a font that embodies both playfulness and sophistication. The sterling silver version features blush pink cubic zirconia on the bail, while the two-toned, rose gold version showcases a deeper magenta stone. Either version is the perfect Pandora Charm for Mom from Daughter.

mom love double heart charm

Thanks for being my Mom Charm

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of appreciation with this Thanks for Being My Mom Charm by Pandora. The larger, sterling silver heart is engraved with the message, “Thanks for being my Mom” in a playful script, while the smaller rose gold heart reads “Love” on one side and “You” on the reverse. After all, there’s no sweeter pair of hearts than those of mother and daughter.

mom letters dangle charm

Mom Dangle Letter Charm

The love between a mother and daughter lasts forever. Let her know how much you cherish your special relationship with this Mom Dangle Letter Charm by Pandora. Mixing class and contrast, this charm features both rose gold and sterling silver, with raised beading decorating the bail and pavé-set, white cubic zirconia on the letter “O.” This Pandora mother and daughter charm is a lovely way to say how much you treasure your mom.

mom of the year charm

Mom of the Year Charm

They say it’s an honor just to be nominated, but isn’t it high time to recognize the most marvelous mom in your life? This Mom of the Year Charm by Pandora is the round of applause your mom deserves, rendered as a sterling silver, bead-style heart with a petite crown on top.