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Pandora Butterfly Charms

Butterfly Charms 2023

Is there anything better than an afternoon stroll through a blooming garden, with dozens of butterflies fluttering back and forth across your path? Now you can capture such a serene moment with one of these Pandora Butterfly Charms. Crafted in fine sterling silver, these charms convey the delicate beauty of the butterfly with simple linework and dazzling details. Available in a veritable rainbow of color palettes, from the Pink Pavé Butterfly Charm to the Blue Butterfly Wing Charm, there is almost surely a charm to match each of your favorite floral spring dresses. Some pieces of Pandora Butterfly Jewelry, like the Butterflies Clip Charm and the Pavé Butterfly Clip Charm, combine function and style, offering a clever means of organizing and balancing your favorite bracelet, while still keeping beauty front-of-mind. There’s also the sleek Openwork Butterflies Charm, which emphasizes intricate design work with a muted color palette. Each Butterfly Pandora Charm features fanciful details like multicolored crystals, milgrain beading, and hand-painted enamel. While the beauty of a butterfly in spring may be fleeting, these charms are sure to make hearts flutter all year long.

pink pave butterfly charm

Pink Pavé Butterfly Charm

Feel pretty in pink with this Pink Pavé Butterfly Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm dazzles with pavé-set crystals in shades ranging from baby pink to magenta across the butterfly’s delicate wings. The milgrain-beaded body adds shapely balance to this fun and flirty charm.

blue butterfly wing charm

Blue Butterfly Wing Charm

Add an ethereal touch to your next ensemble with this Blue Butterfly Wing Charm by Pandora. Featuring an ombré colorway in blue enamel and textured butterfly wing outlines, this bead-style, sterling silver charm is equal parts elegant and organic. Pair it with light and bright florals for the perfect summer look.

butterflies clip charm

Butterflies Clip Charm

Embrace your inner garden goddess with this Butterflies Clip Charm by Pandora. Featuring a natural, pastel palette and delicate beading, this sterling silver charm depicts the beauty of a fleeting burst of butterflies. This clip charm also elegantly combines function and style and can be used to balance and organize your favorite charm bracelet.

pave butterfly clip charm

Pavé Butterfly Clip Charm

Any nature lover will flip for this reversible Pavé Butterfly Clip Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, the front side of this butterfly glimmers with rose- and honey-colored crystals, while the reverse gleams with a smooth, mirror-like sheen. This versatile clip charm is the perfect way to balance and organize a beloved charm bracelet.

pink butterflies charm

Pink Butterflies Charm

Put a spring in your step with this Pink Butterflies Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm features delicate, openwork butterflies with pink enamel wings and milgrain beaded bodies. Wear it as a youthful, yet sophisticated, accessory with your favorite spring florals.

decorative butterfly charm

Decorative Butterfly Charm

Complete your next fashion metamorphosis with this Decorative Butterfly Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm embodies the grace of a real butterfly with delicately detailed wings and pavé-set cubic zirconia across the body. Milgrain beading finishes the charm with an almost mesmerizing effect.

butterflies spacer charm

Butterflies Spacer Charm

Evoke the sensation of springtime in the garden all year-round with this Butterflies Spacer Charm by Pandora. A whirlwind of soft pink- and sapphire blue-enamel butterflies loop around this sterling silver charm, making it an eye-catching means of organizing and balancing your favorite charm bracelet. Soft and bright, gentle and bold, this charm effortlessly elevates any outfit in any season.

purple and lavender butterfly charm

Purple and Lavender Pavé Butterfly Charm

Your purple reign at long last begins with this Purple and Lavender Pavé Butterfly Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm captivates with pavé-set crystals in shades ranging from soft lavender to royal purple across the butterfly’s delicate wings. With milgrain beading on the body, this charm is sure to make you feel like the queen you know you are.

openwork butterflies charm

Openwork Butterflies Charm

Find inspiration for the next phase of your life in this Openwork Butterfly Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this bead-style charm captivates with a burst of openwork-style butterflies. Long a symbol of transformation and change, butterflies are the perfect reminder to spread your wings and learn to fly.

rainbow and flowers dangle

Rainbow and Flowers Dangle Charm

Awaken to a dream come true with this Rainbow and Flower Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm evokes a magical gardenscape with enamel rainbows, butterflies, and flowers, all hand-painted in a soft pastel palette. A ribbon of white cubic zirconia across the top adds a touch of glamour to this whimsical and dreamy dangle charm.