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Pandora Sister Charms

Sister Charms 2023

She’s your protector, your secret keeper, and your best friend, but above all, she’s your sister. What better way to let her know how much you appreciate her than with this collection of Pandora Sister Charms! Each of these delicate, sterling silver charms embodies the strength and dynamism of sisterhood, with the Sister Dangle Charm, in particular, highlighting the boundless nature of the relationship. The Always There – Best Friends Charm and Forever Friends Charm embrace the idea that although your roots say you are sisters, your hearts say you are friends. Meanwhile, the Starfish Seashell Dangle Charm and Rainbow and Flowers Dangle Charm evoke childhood memories of beach vacations and afternoons spent playing in the family garden. Each of these Sister Pandora Charms is perfect for appreciating your sister “just because,” but they are also suitable for recognizing your sister’s role as a bridesmaid, godmother, or friend. Featuring details ranging from sentimental engravings, to dazzling cubic zirconia, to rose gold and hand-painted enamel, the opportunities for expressing your unique bond of sisterhood are endless with these Pandora Charms for Sisters.

sisters dangle

Sister Dangle Charm​

This Sister Dangle Charm by Pandora is a beautiful salute to sisterhood rendered in fine sterling silver. Engraved with the sweet message: “Sisters, you don’t always see them, but they’re always there,” this dangle charm also features a delicate pink cubic zirconia star motif on both the discs and bail. This charm is perfect for sisters who never let busy lives or long distances compromise the strength of their bond.

sisters heart

Sisters Heart Charm

No one knows you quite like your sister, so let her know how much you cherish her presence in your life with this Sisters Heart Charm by Pandora. Engraved with the word “Sister” in an elegant script, this bead-style charm also features a pink, heart-shaped gemstone on both the front and reverse. This is the perfect Big Sister Pandora Charm for the gal who has always had your back.

always there - best friends

Always There – Best Friends Charm

Give a gift you can share with this Always There – Best Friends Charm by Pandora. This uniquely constructed charm consists of two pieces that you and your best friend can wear separately. One piece features a pink enamel heart that reads, “Best Friends,” while the other sterling silver heart is engraved with the reminder, “Always There.” Whether the charm is worn separately or together, it serves as a reminder of love, support, and friendship.

best friends heart charm

Best Friends Heart Charm

This Best Friends Heart Charm by Pandora is a sweet reminder of the loved ones that live in your heart each day, even when you can’t be near them. Featuring a Cubic Zirconia heart shape embedded within the large sterling silver heart. This charm features a prominent engraved words reading best friends, situated above the sparking embedded heart below. This stunning piece will delight your sister or best friend and they will proudly show it off when wearing it.

best friends forever dangle

Best Friends Forever Dangle Charm

There are friends, and then there are best friends. Let your favorite gal know how much she means to you with this Best Friends Forever Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring the letters “B-F-F” in sterling silver, this charm also showcases fun accents, including a rose gold heart cut-out and a bright magenta gem on the bail.

Love Makes a Family Heart Dangle Charm

Honor your sister and family with delicately detailed Love Makes a Family Heart Dangle Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm depicts the word family surrounded by an assortment of beautiful hearts and covers a vibrant pink enamel heart that shines through when aligned. The small hearts surrounding the word family represents your differences and similarities as well as the past and future. With an engraving on the back that reads, “Love makes a family,” this charm encapsulates the perfect sentiment for a gift to a sister, mother, or other beloved family member.

forever friends

Forever Friends Dangle Charm

Celebrate a faithful friendship with this dazzling Forever Friends Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring both an infinity symbol and a heart-shaped disc engraved with “Forever Friends,” this dangle charm also shimmers with hand-affixed cubic zirconia details. Gift it to a cherished friend– or even a dear sister– as a reminder of your special bond.

starfish seashell dangle

Starfish Seashell Dangle Charm

Recapture the magic of bygone seaside holidays with this Starfish Seashell Dangle Charm by Pandora. The starfish piece shimmers like the ocean itself thanks to aqua-blue cubic zirconia, while the seashell is rendered in fine sterling silver. This charm is sure to please lovers of both sand and sea– salty ocean breeze not included!

rainbow and flowers dangle

Rainbow and Flowers Dangle Charm

Take a stroll through a dreamy garden with this Rainbow and Flowers Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring hand-painted enamel rainbow and floral details, this sterling silver dangle charm pops with a pastel color palette that’s perfect for the spring season.

white orchid dangle

White Orchid Dangle Charm

Symbolizing both love and purity, this White Orchid Dangle Charm by Pandora is the perfect expression of sisterly sentiment. Crafted in sterling silver, this dangle charm for sisters features a splash of pink cubic zirconia in the orchid’s center and a glittery bail. This flower will never wilt, just like the strength of sisterhood.