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Pandora Holiday Charms

Christmas Holiday Charms 2023

‘Tis the season for glitter, shimmer, and all things bright and cozy– including this collection of Holiday Charms by Pandora! Ranging from sweet (the Gingerbread House Charm) to scintillating (the Crystalized Snowflake Charm), these charms offer a variety of Season’s Greetings in a number of styles and sentiments. The Celestial Wonders Charm offers a serene reminder of the holiday’s meaningful origins, while the Christmas Perfect Charm speaks to the simple pleasure of gathering with loved ones on Christmas morning. And for those who eagerly await each year’s first snowfall, no gift could be more perfect than the Wintry Delight Charm. Each sterling silver Happy Holidays charm features enticing details like vibrant hand-applied enamel, sparkling crystals, and touches of 14k gold. Holiday gift-giving can be overwhelming, but these charms will assuredly satisfy even the most curmudgeonly person on your shopping list. In the end, you might even be inspired to treat yourself to one of these Pandora Christmas Holiday Charms.

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hugging polar bears charm

Hugging Polar Bears Charm

The frosty air is no match for this snuggly, cuddly Hugging Polar Bears Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm features a mother bear and her cub in a loving, protective embrace. It’s a tender reminder of the importance of family, and the perfect Christmas gift for moms and other loved ones!

Heart Winged Angel Rose Gold Dangle Charm

Embrace the spiritual side of the holiday season with this Heart Winged Angel Rose Gold Dangle Charm. With heart-shaped wings and a halo, this little angel offers a cubic zirconia-laden star as a Christmas blessing. Wear this rose gold charm during the winter months or all year along– the choice is yours!

gingerbread house charm

Gingerbread House Charm

Spice up your holiday wardrobe with this delightful Gingerbread House Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, bead-style charm showcases sweet details like hand-painted red enamel on the candy canes and chimney and dripping ‘icing’ along the roof and base. Hidden behind the back of the house is a charming christmas tree and three colorful beads. To top (or bottom) it all off, under the house it sweetly says “Home Sweet Heart. It’s a charm sure to sate your appetite for fabulous fashion this holiday season.

christmas warm cocoa charm

Warm Cocoa Charm

Cheer up a dreary day at the office with this Warm Cocoa Charm by Pandora. Depicting a frothy mug of hot chocolate with colorful pops of hand-applied red enamel, this sterling silver charm can satisfy even the strongest cravings for Christmas vacation. It pairs perfectly with a roaring fire and cozy blankets!

you melt my heart charm

You Melt My Heart Charm

Let a loved one know she’s as special as a snowflake with this You Melt My Heart Charm by Pandora. This dangle-style charm features two heart-shaped, sterling silver discs, the first of which sports an openwork, crystalline snowflake design. The second is engraved with the message, “You Melt My Heart,” making this the perfect expression of those warm and fuzzy feelings that can sometimes be challenging to put into words.

snowman santa hat charm

Snowman Charm

Make this winter extra holly-jolly with an adorable Snowman Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this bead-style charm depicts a smiling snowman complete with a button nose and ‘coal’ eyes. Bundled in a scarf and festive red enamel hat, this happy fellow is a playful addition to any winter ensemble.

nutcracker happy holidays charm

Nutcracker Happy Holidays Charm

Crack the code for the perfect holiday gift with this Nutcracker Happy Holidays Charm by Pandora. Crafted from fine sterling silver, this dangle-style charm features a colorful depiction of the classic Nutcracker figurine on a beaded disc. According to German folklore, the Nutcracker is a symbol of good fortune– and who among us wouldn’t benefit from a little extra luck?

shimmering snowflake dangle charm

Crystalized Snowflake Charm

Winter days just became a little more dazzling thanks to this Crystalized Snowflake Charm by Pandora. Awash in an ice-blue palette of crystals and cubic zirconia, this snowflake-shaped, sterling silver charm also features cubic zirconia on the bail for an extra touch of wintry glamour. ‘Ice Queen’ just became a compliment!

mistletoe dangle charm

Mistletoe Dangle Charm

Spruce up your holiday party outfit with this Mistletoe Dangle Charm by Pandora. Featuring a bejeweled, sterling silver depiction of the mistletoe plant against a backdrop of evergreen enamel, this charm also includes a flirty engraving on the reverse side. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone you wouldn’t mind encountering under a real sprig of mistletoe this Christmas.

celestial wonders charm

Celestial Wonders Charm

Celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas with this Celestial Wonders Charm by Pandora. Depicting a serene angel alongside a swathe of glittering cubic zirconia stars, this sterling silver charm also features an engraving of “Merry Christmas” on its side. A touch of 14K gold highlights the Star of Bethlehem, serving as a sincere reminder of the holiday’s origins.

wintry delight charm

Wintry Delight Charm

Embrace the magic of winter’s first snowfall with this Wintry Delight Charm by Pandora. This simple bead-style charm evokes the splendor of a snow-dusted evening with sterling silver snowflakes against a backdrop of midnight-blue enamel. It’s a mesmerizing addition to any winter ensemble– even if you live somewhere that doesn’t see much snow!

christmas perfect charm

Christmas Perfect Charm

Remember the true meaning of Christmas with this Christmas Perfect Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, dangle-style charm features two discs, the first of which depicts a serene scene of a snowman and reindeer gathered around an evergreen tree. The second offers a calming message for the hectic holiday season: “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s gathered around it.”