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Pandora Silver Heart Charms

Silver Heart Charms 2023

Open your heart, mind, and spirit to this collection of Pandora Silver Heart Charms. Built on classic shapes and styles while also inspired by contemporary trends, this collection of Pandora Charm Hearts is sure to please people of all fashion sensibilities. Each Pandora Heart Charm is designed around a heart motif that expresses sweet sentimentality, and all are finished in sterling silver. Some charms evoke an ornate or vintage style, like the Regal Openwork Charm and the Filled with Romance Charm. Others take a more streamlined, contemporary approach, like the Knotted Heart Charm and the Snake Chain Open Heart Charm. Meanwhile, the Heart Highlights Dangle Charm and the Flourishing Hearts Charm place family front-of-mind with a combination of tenderness and simplicity. There’s even a Heart Treble Clef Charm for the individual whose heart always beats in time with their favorite song. Details like glittery cubic zirconia, sincere engravings, and intricate filigree designs ensure that each Pandora Love Heart Charm is eye-catching, heart-melting, and totally swoon-worthy.

heart highlights dangle charm

Heart Highlights Dangle Charm

Show how deeply connected you are to your family with this sterling silver Heart Highlights Dangle Charm by Pandora. This delicate charm features one large, bejeweled heart that carries three miniature hearts, one of which is plated with chic rose gold. It’s the perfect way to carry the hearts of your loved ones in your own heart, wherever you go.

knotted heart charm

Knotted Heart Charm

Celebrate an unbreakable bond with this Knotted Heart Charm by Pandora. Sleekly designed in sterling silver, this iconic charm evokes the permanence of an infinity knot and blends well with a contemporary aesthetic. Gift it to the person with whom you plan on spending all the coming years.

regal heart openwork charm

Regal Openwork Heart Charm

Transport yourself to a sophisticated French garden with this Regal Openwork Heart Charm by Pandora. Featuring an opulent, openwork design inspired by a fleur-de-lis, this heart-shaped charm stuns in fine sterling silver. Marie Antoinette herself would envy this enchanting charm.

flourishing hearts charm

Flourishing Hearts Charm

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and now you can express how much you adore your own very special brood with this Flourishing Hearts Charm by Pandora. Featuring a lively tree with heart-shaped leaves, this ‘family tree’ charm captures the essence of familial love with grace and joy.

filled with romance charm

Filled with Romance Charm

Add a little splendor to your day-to-day routine with this Filled with Romance Charm by Pandora. Fashioned after a vintage, heart-shaped box, this sterling silver charm features an opulent filigree design that begs to be worn with a little black dress à la Audrey Hepburn.

love you lock charm

Love You Lock Charm

For the person who always knows how to cheer you, console you, and inspire you, give the gift of a Love You Lock Charm by Pandora. This romantic, sterling silver charm features a heart-shaped ‘padlock’ with a delicate skeleton key. Give it to the one who keeps your secrets, holds your hand, and safeguards your heart.

my wife always heart dangle charm

My Wife Always Heart Charm

Renew your promise of eternal love with this My Wife Always Heart Charm by Pandora. This token of timeless love features a pair of dangling hearts alongside a bail with a matching heart motif. One of the hearts glitters with cubic zirconia while the other displays an engraving of “My Wife Always,” making this charm a winning combination of romance and glamour.

entwined hearts charm

Entwined Heart Charm

Opposites attract in this Entwined Heart Charm by Pandora. Romantic with an edge, this sterling silver charm features two interlocking hearts facing in opposite directions. The smooth heart features heart-shaped cutouts on the edges, while the other glimmers with cubic zirconia embellishments. Wear it as a brilliant representation of the importance of balance in both love and life.

heart and angel wings dangle charm

Heart and Angel Wings Dangle Charm

Memorialize a departed loved one with this Heart and Angel Wings Dangle Charm. This winged heart charm takes flight in sterling silver with dozens of glittery cubic zirconia. Topped off with a delicate halo and featuring the engraving “Spread your wings and fly,” this charm is a reminder of all the love and support to be found in this life and within ourselves.

heart treble clef charm

Heart Treble Clef Charm

Share the song in your soul with this Heart Treble Clef Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver, openwork-style charm fuses both a treble clef and a heart into one melodious piece of jewelry. With a curvaceous design that twists and turns as smoothly as a timeless song, this charm is sure to please music lovers of all kinds.

united regal hearts charm

United Regal Hearts

Bow down to supremely satisfying style with this United Regal Hearts Charm by Pandora. Featuring two interlinked and crowned hearts in fine sterling silver, this majestic charm is the perfect way to lay claim to the throne of Fashion Queen.

openwork heart and three feathers dreamcatcher charm

Openwork Heart & Three Feathers Dreamcatcher Charm

Cleanse your spirit with this Openwork Heart & Three Feathers Dreamcatcher Charm by Pandora. This intricately detailed sterling silver charm depicts a heart-shaped dream catcher with a swirling, woven openwork design. Three delicate feathers dangle beneath the heart, while an engraving of “Dreams of the heart” graces the dream catcher’s top side. Wear it for a divine combination of protection, strength, and style.

openwork heart labrinth and arrow charm

Openwork Heart Labyrinth & Arrow Charm

Strike out on a new path with this sterling silver Openwork Heart Labyrinth & Arrow Charm by Pandora. Combining the imagery of Cupid’s bow through a heart with a winding maze, it’s the perfect gift for the overthinker in your life who needs a reminder to breathe, believe, and love.

snake chain open heart charm

Snake Chain Open Heart Charm

Slither into something sensational with this Snake Chain Open Heart Charm by Pandora. Featuring six rigid snake chains arranged side-by-side, this sterling silver charm dazzles with cubic zirconia embellishments and an openwork design. Pair it with sky-high pumps and a splash of perfume for an outfit that serves sass and class.

sparkling entwined hearts charm

Sparkling Entwined Hearts Charm

Live passionately with this Sparkling Entwined Hearts Charm by Pandora. This sterling silver charm dazzles with a combination of swirling, openwork design and sparkling cubic zirconia. It’s a gift that proclaims the everlasting love behind it loudly and with pride.