Peru: Behind The Scenes Published on March 14, 2014

Inspired by our recent spotlight on, our own marketing team asked me to sit down with them for a quick question and answer session about our newest collection, Peru, and our responsibility to empower dreams and imagination in others. 

1. What inspired the Peru Collection?
Peruvian textiles are the main inspiration of the Peru collection.  The geometric patterns set off by vibrant colors were totally invigorating!

2. Describe the Peru Collection's aesthetic. 
In a nutshell: Angular edges softened by cut outs to create an airy contrast.


3. What emotions do you want your latest collection to evoke in its wearer?
I’d like this collection to evoke feelings of empowerment and compassion.

4. What makes the Peru Collection different from the India Collection?
The aesthetic in Peru is so different from India. I think the collections have similar elements, but the Peru collection is more vibrant and has a more consistent geometric pattern.

5. Can you break down your design process? How was your design process different from your previous collection (if at all)?
While I'm traveling, I focus mostly on the non-profit organization we've partnered with, learning about them and serving them in whatever ways they need. But I also pull inspiration from everywhere and take a lot of pictures. I usually don't start the design process until I'm home and can piece together all the elements of the trip that were physically, mentally, and emotionally inspirational. In Peru, I couldn’t get enough of the women who wear traditional Peruvian garments. The contrast of their bright colored clothing against the rolling hills was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen.

6. What was your favorite part of the entire Peru Collection process?
Traveling, in general--experiencing new tastes, new sounds, new colors, and most of all learning the stories of people—is my favorite part of the entire process. But while we loved the breathtaking scenery in Peru, it was our visit to the hogar (orphanage) that really made this trip. These girls come from really broken family situations and they were some of the most joy filled children I have ever been around. The girls brought me the one book that was in English from their library and wanted me to read it to them. We take for granted the gift of reading and education. Who am I to be able to read, to have been able to dream when I was young?  Imagination and the ability to dream is something I want to restore in the lives of girls. It’s important, and the women these girls become are going to shape our world. We have a responsibility to empower them.

7. What's your favorite piece from the Collection? Why?
I love wearing the “We Rise By Lifting Others” pendant  layered with the Long Angular Pendant—a simple yet bold pairing!

8. The Peru Collection in 4 words is: 
Cultural, Graceful, Intriguing, Bold