Design Process Published on January 08, 2015

We recently took a trip to China and India to see how artisans all over the world are making jewelry. We explored more than our feet could bare and came home inspired by the intricate process of bringing designs to life.

Every piece of Matterial Fix jewelry starts as wax, using an ancient technique called "Lost Wax Casting". Lost-wax is a process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from an original wax sculpture. This process can be used with any material that can burn, melt, or evaporate to leave a mould cavity that molten metal can flow through and eventually harden. 

We got to take part in the process from beginning to endWatching the Lattice Earrings design taking shape, we sorted through the library of raw castings and prepared them for the plating department. After the stones are set and the ear wires are added, the earrings are prepared for shipping, and of course, eventually, shopping!  

I never dreamed that a trip to Peru to serve with our charity partner Peruvian Hearts would spur on more ideas and realities we had the chance to witness in person. Creativity is contagious. What are you doing with the talents you have to tell a story, give back, and change the world around you?