What is Matterial Fix’s commitment?
We believe that girls matter. Each season, we partner with an organization that invests in girls through programs in education, self-awareness, and safety from exploitation. We give 10% of every purchase to help support their programs, knowing that if we care for a girl's needs across the board, we have a really good chance of making sure she lives a long and healthy life.

Why girls? Why not boys too?
Our goal is to help as many people as we can. Better lives for girls mean better lives for everyone in their communities - their brothers, fathers, future husbands and children. When you improve a girl’s life through education, health, and safety, these changes have a positive ripple effect on more than just her. See Why Girls? for more. 

Where did you get your name?
We started with the word “matter,” wanting to blend its definition “meaningful” into a jewelry brand (selling material goods). Material and matter fused into Matterial, and the Fix came from our brand commitment to maintain a fixed focus on the empowerment of girls.

How is Matterial Fix jewelry made?
We design jewelry based off of inspiration gathered from traveling to visit our non-profit partners. Each piece is then manufactured and merchandised into the Matterial Fix story.

I’m on board. How can I get involved?
Help us share the vision of the organizations we’ve partnered with. Tell your friends about Matterial Fix and explain the power of investing in girls. If you see something on our site that inspires you, share it on your social media networks. Together we can bring change to the lives of girls around the world. When girls and women survive, all of us thrive.

How do you ensure the non-profits you support do what they say?
Our heart is to ensure that Matterial Fix contributions impact the lives of girls directly, so we take financial accountability seriously. We carefully screen partners to make sure their actions and values are upheld responsibly. Also, we personally visit our non-profit partners and witness first-hand the great work they are doing.

How should I care for my jewelry?
To ensure luster and long lasting quality, remove your jewelry when showering/swimming, using lotion, and using household chemicals. When cleaning your jewelry, we recommend using a dry jewelry polishing cloth.

How Do I Return/Exchange a Product?
If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return/exchange it within 15 days of the original ship date. Visit our Customer Service page for more info on our Return/Exchange Policy. 


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