Peruvian Hearts

Impact: The jewelry you purchase gives 10% back to help advance education, nutrition, and health care opportunities for girls in rural Peru.

Peruvian Hearts is a non-profit organization that is working to end poverty and gender inequality in Peru by educating adolescent girls. They provide private schooling for orphan girls and promote opportunities in post-secondary and university institutes. Educated girls become strong women empowered to transform their lives and become leaders in their families, communities, and country.

Hogar de Ninas (age 4-17): 
Peruvian Hearts supports an orphanage of thirty girls located in the hills outside of Cusco. In addition to having all of their nutritional and health needs cared for, the girls attend private schools and receive regular academic tutoring in subjects such as math, music, and English. The girls also receive vocational training and have opportunities to develop skills in areas such as computers, business, agriculture, culinary arts and handicrafts.

Peruvian Promise (age 15-17): 
Peruvian Hearts also supports a Girls’ Leadership and Empowerment Program designed to increase leadership potential for girls living in rural Peru through educational opportunities, personal empowerment, and the development and execution of service projects. Peruvian Promise maintains a dormitory in Cusco for easy access to local universities and provides professional women mentors for the girls.

Nelly's Story:

Flor Nelida Villa Huaman (Nelly) came to the Hogar de Ninas when she was eight years old.  Her family of nine lived in a one-room mud house, and because they didn’t have the resources to care for her properly, they placed her in the hogar so that she could be fed regularly and receive an education.

In her new home, Nelly flourished.  She was able to focus on her studies and begin to dream of a future beyond what had been destined for her.

Nine years later, Nelly is now a Peruvian Promise scholar. She graduated from secondary school in 2012 and began attending the Khipu Institute where she is studying Culinary Arts. She receives a full scholarship and lives with other Peruvian Promise scholars in an apartment in Cusco.

In addition to her college studies, Nelly participates in empowerment classes and service projects on a regular basis. She is a wonderful example of how Peruvian Hearts has helped girls gain the tools they needs to be able to transform their own lives and the destiny of their families.

*To learn more about Peruvian Hearts, visit their website.


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